The Best Sounding Smartphone Ever?

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ZTE Axon 7 –
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This video features the new Axon 7 from ZTE. The Axon 7 puts an emphasis on audio with forward facing stereo speakers and an upgraded DAC / amp for your headphones.

From the manufacturer –

The ZTE Axon 7 is the one ‘unlocked’ smartphone that delivers the best acoustic experience unlike any other device in its category with its ground breaking High-fidelity audio experience along with its attention to design detail and performance of a high end smartphone that these discerning consumers have come to appreciate and expect.

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this phone is so nice dude wow

Agustin Castellanos says:

are u actually going to give that phone this time

Ankumo Bear says:

Dolby ATMOS is shit, try to configure even kid iphone china fake smartphone with ViperFX, you`ll be shocked and just trash this Axon 7

DeadBrain Hitman says:

I need this phone

Epic Montages says:

Fingerprint sensor on the back, USB Type C, Quick Charge 3.0, what the LG G5 should have been?

Jordan Killuminati says:

can play 32bit 192khz wav?

Dragos Florin Turtoi says:

Hmmm, interesant smartphone! Good sound.

Makaveli says:

that phone is actually dope

Sanjeep Acharya says:

I like it

Ayan Mondal says:

I think after buying these phone I wouldn't require any extra accessories for hearing music

Matt Flores says:

the zte zmax pro is not the replacement but it definitly is something you should look into for the price margin it is in.

My'n Kill says:

looking you'r content is so relaxing

Anchit bassi says:

i will just love to enjoy music on this

Braidon Johnson says:

it looks like it had the fingerprint scanner on the back just like the blu pure xl

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