Shell Scripting Fundamentals : Bash Shell Introduction

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Shell Scripting Fundamentals : Bash Shell Introduction

This 6-hour course is designed specifically to introduce both new and experienced professional network engineers to Bash shell scripting on the Linux operating system. The course picks up where Linux Fundamentals for Network Engineers left off and takes a deeper dive into the concepts and constructs of Bash shell programming, as well as how to leverage powerful Linux tools like awk/nawk/gawk, sed, grep/egrep, and Expect. Real-world examples demonstrate the incredible power of the Bash shell as a scripting language.

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Mihai Ionescu says:

How can i run an .sh file in from / in some directory? I know ./ but I can´t do like – :/#bash /dir/

Mirec Barborka says:

this video is great, I just don't uderstand one thing… I want to create a shell script that
terminates all processes of a name given to the shell
script as an argument, I have done something like this: #!/bin/bash
./app1 &
# …
kill $PID

Arif A says:

These few preview videos on Linux are very informative and helpful.

I was stumbling to understand the UMASK portion mentioned above, but I figured it out. It determines the default permissions on files. Now I am wondering, what determines the default permissions on directory?

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