BEST UFO Sightings SUMMER 2016! Worldwide UFOs REAL Videos 08/08/2016

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LookNowTV Presents! Best UFO videos from the United Kingdom to The USA & Worldwide as of 08/08/2016! A woman records mysterious colorful lights in the sky in London. A man records a metallic object in the UK. In Enfield, England a couple captures a Triangle UFO in the night sky! All this and more! Check it out!!! Let’s take a closer LOOK!
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VIDEO SOURCES (In particular order)
SOURCE VIDEO 1: Strange Lights In London Sky…
SOURCE VIDEO 2: Dave UK LookNowTV UFO Submission…
SOURCE VIDEO 3: Couple films Triangle UFO video LookNowTV Found on the internet. Cannot track down the original. If you know the original post please send me a link!
SOURCE VIDEO 4: Lily Duran:
SOURCE VIDEO 5: CH Monkey Lillian
SOURCE VIDEO 7: mydejavooo1
SOURCE VIDEO 8: UK UFO VIDEO FB Linked Youtube video
SOURCE VIDEO 10: UFO MEXICO 3 SOURCE. LookNowTV E-mail Submission
SOURCE VIDEO 12: Dragon Video SOURCE: Not as many views as I thought…
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Thomas Zimmermann says:

why all so unsharp xD

XxkuledudegamerxX says:

on 47:34 its not a ufo its the usa new spacecraft its called the tr -3b
youtube it

Sunsaver FromNHH says:

Great job and excellent commentary/analysis. I know that serious UFO/UAP researchers and future students of space weather science and unidentified aerial phenomenon will appreciate your application of filters and other logical analysis in this age of drones and computer hoaxes. In addition to unknown effects that might occur from air pollution, ball lighting, or possible flares, rockets, man-made chemtrails or stealth/military tests, or cometary flack, space junk burning up on re-entry; some of these strange, unidentified, night lights or flying black blobs by day are just exactly as they appear- strange and unidentified. When most all of the optical physics and electricity experts are stumped, that's when it's truly something "unidentified". We need more people out there filming, and using better HD cameras on their smart phones to record their various behaviors. Buy a Sony camera and try to learn how to use the telephoto zoom feature. Serious UAP researchers and dedicated ET hunters should invest in a tripod and UV filters, as these vaporous creatures and "day stars" are thought to be invisible most of the time, except when they appear to be possibly mating or fighting/playing. Some of the "string of pearl" types of lights appear connected by invisible, possibly magnetic filaments; and some of these videos look very similar to cell-division of microbes or chromosomes as they appear in stained slides under a microscope. It's almost like the Earth is floating in a drop of pond water, full of glowing space amoeba, space shrimp, and sparkling diatoms made of star dust. Most physical constants (and some of the things that many people believe and take comfort in too, unfortunately) change with scale in either size, temperature, and/or pressure; and so a harmless, single-celled space bug that is 100 yards long and simply floating by might appear like a giant, menacing "mother ship". And so might a "flock" or group of smaller UAPs that are linked by invisible means, could appear to be a single, giant "craft" or "spaceship", but might actually have evolved as a decoy to protect them from predators, the same as with flocks of birds: "there's safety in numbers." The zoomed video that seems to show two occupants might be disturbing or controversial: either it's a mind-reading, shape-shifter that can morph itself to look like it has gray men inside, behind it's windows, eyes, or using it's mouth area or "tongue" to simulate a pair of ET's (what the person filming was expecting or hoping to see), and then able to hold that pose for the camera, sort of like a flying cuttlefish from space: or, it's an expensive CGI hoax from Hollywood with questionable motives, also a disturbing thought. Or- it's a real, alien machine from another planet or secret world nearby, apparently with real, "little astronaut guys" inside of it- shocking, and again- with questionable motives, even MORE disturbing: doing what!!!? Just sight seeing!!? Are these some type of alien "boy scouts" (literally) here to scout for little boys to abduct and eat for supper? Or maybe they are just here to watch free football without paying for a ticket, harmless sports fans? That's not a rational use for a zillion dollars worth of interstellar starship, lol! Anyhow, thanks again for the entertaining videos and keep up the good work.


We research bigfoot and I tell ya we do experience paranormal stuff in the woods

Sunsaver FromNHH says:

There is no such thing as "ball-lightning". If a plasma bubble is created on a conductive surface by an electrical discharge (lightning strike or a broken power line), it will only last for as long as the surface tension of the plasma bubble is greater than the gravity or the static attraction of the conductive source material (sea water, wet road surface, etc.). The video shows no thunderstorms or power lines nearby. Aside from CGI hoaxes and special video effects, reflections, "camera artifacts" and other distortions; other possible scientific explanations exist for a long historical record of "Saint Elmo's fire", the classic orb, disc, or spinning, glowing, light ball, fire ball, or sphere-shaped UFO's, a particular species of aerial phenomena apparently having a see-through nucleus and no visible ET's inside. This type of UFO could still be a product of natural biology and not artificial or "man-made". Such a simple life form could be a self-contained glop of goo that modern scientists do not yet fully understand, a "somehow organized" conductive material such as liquid metallic hydrogen, a "single-celled" animal comprised of molten, nickel metal alloy, such as might evolve on Jupiter, the surface of the sun, or even inside of thunderstorms themselves over millions of years, or from here on Earth, but normally lives at higher altitude or even in outer space. The theory of emergent complexity is that energetic systems evolve from the natural additive processes of attraction/motion+time. Another possibility is the video has captured a glimpse of a special "field bending" apparatus or "invisibility cloak", military stealth technology that is defective or improperly tuned. However any such invisible space plane as might exist in theory is not likely to be tested in broad daylight near civilian people or farms, or even near military bases, and such a spy plane would probably be bigger than the typical 15-20 foot size of these alien "craft" or flying "objects", which often appear to be "see-through" or translucent, or made entirely of pure, spinning light. Don't let anyone ridicule you for taking a serious interest in unidentified aerial phenomena. There have been new discoveries of high-altitude "lightning" that is red in color instead of blue, appears to discharge UP towards space, or "trickle-down" from above thunderstorms, and it was "UFO" videos from serious scientific researchers that led to the discovery of this new type of high altitude lightning.

Andreei Ben says:

Once I saw a black disc in the sky and after some seconds it comaflauged in the light blue sky. I tried to film it but it wasn' t that clear.

Kjirstin Youngberg says:

I was laughing when you took out the title of Germany simply because the people were speaking Spanish. Do you think Spanish-speakers are not allowed to visit Germany? People travel all over. Tourists also have their cameras out more, so they are more likely to film something unusual. Still, their vid is pretty obviously a fake.
I'm with Robin Phillips on the "ball lightning" theory. No. It is a downed power line.
The SLC event is interesting, but I'll ask, how is it aliens comply with the red and white lights commercial aircraft must shine? Same with your triangular object in the end with your mom. White and red lights, blinking in the timed method proscribed by the FAA pretty much says it's "one of ours" to me.
The fast moving "orb" just before yours is most likely a drone.
(Can you please say, "we saw" instead of "we seen?" Grammar is important, especially for those trying to learn English, and we keep confusing them when we can't seem to speak our own native tongue properly.)
Keep posting. You may get something legit eventually.
Those seeing something and filming it? Great! Please, though, brace your cameras or phones against a solid object. Thank you.

Maiyou Cheng says:

very fake video.. I will report this channel until disable

pinkpoo007 says:

I'de prefer you give your opinion. Not every light is a UFO. I hate fake crap

Aaron Rowland says:

I don't believe any of this

Mark Hall says:

Looks like a fleet of helicopters to me.

UFOSTATION Luiz Antonio says:

air show!

Roberto Rodriguez says:


Luke Hobbs says:

look theres a ufo! lets use the camera with the worst recording quality to capture this moment!!

Kev M says:

Hi Bro, do you know were the hot spot in the world , that has the most UFO or objects reported, i have a month do do as i please and would go see whats out there , if anything, your advice would be appreciated .

aivilik says:

SO-called 'ball lightning' IS UFOs. Lightning is electricity which must discharge and when it does, it happens very fast. You are never going to see lightning that is in the shape of a ball moving slowly; THAT'S a UFO.

an mos says:

The englishman video is legit. Boys, now you have a real UFO in front of your eyes.

Alex C says:

I think it's very likely that many of them when it's just floating in the sky/hovering around (no lights) that it's just a balloon that's losing air and coming back towards the ground

Angela Kneale says:

they put a bubble like shell around some Ultra lights. Possible to light it up.

Fly'inbrian says:

shaking ass video 0:43 sec in…im out fuck this

E Nigma says:

that's what made me a believer!…

E Nigma says:

during this video, @ 46:54ish the 2 women who recorded the triangle UFO with the blinking red light. on 8-6-16 @ or around 9:4510:30 pm, minus the blinking red light, my wife, son and of course myself saw that exact same object very very low, extremely fast but no sound at all heading NNE and an hr later we saw it heading SSE. it moved to damn fast to be a man made object, I can't stress how fast this object moved but low and the lights lit up the clouds that were over us at the time!

captainengland says:

this as to be the best site for realness.keep up the good work.

Tom De Santis says:

Nice work. No sensationalism, no guess work, showing care and respect for the subject….UFOs or not- this is good research. Keep it up.

Joshua Proud says:

the aliens are getting scared maybe they know something is happening

Coran Ford says:

Lol one of those Ufos looks like the snitch from Harry Potter!

Brian Burnett says:

my mistake, didn't listen to the bit were he says Cork, Ireland! but it is still part of the British Isles and same housing.

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