13 Mysterious UFO Crash Sites

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Are these 13 strange UFO crashes just failed rocket launches or are crash sightings like the mysterious Roswell crash real sightings!?!

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7. Pinedale
Witnesses observed a white light fall from the sky, break into three pieces and crash into a forest just outside of Pinedale, Arizona in June of 1996. Within minutes of the crash, the FBI and armored vehicles were seen converging on the area along with the oil trucks and the local fire department. Residents of Pinedale and nearby Clay Springs were evacuated and the road leading to the forest was blocked. When residents were allowed to go back to their homes they were escorted to their door and it was announced on the radio that anyone going back to the fire was subject to a $100 fine. Locals claimed that it was completely unnecessary to take these steps, especially closing the road, which was well out of harm’s way. Also, why would the FBI show up at a forest fire in Arizona? Your guess is as good as mine.

6. Needles
An incident took place recently that is very hard to explain without extraterrestrial involvement. It happened near the small town of Needles, California on March 14, 2008. Several very credible eyewitnesses say that they saw a turquoise colored object that was bright enough to illuminate the ground below crash land near a river. Immediately, helicopters appeared searching for the object. After finding it they carried it away to an unknown location. There was also a number of vehicles seen around the site and people reported that the people in the vehicles had a very men in black feel.

5. Aurora
The tiny community of Aurora, Texas was the site of a very odd UFO crash in April of 1897. A UFO crashed into a windmill owned by a local judge. The wreck was thrown into a nearby well and there was also reportedly an alien being recovered from the site that was buried in the local cemetery. No evidence of the object or the being has ever been found and a lot of people think that the story was a hoax meant to lure business back to the small town. But it is still a very popular UFO story and there was even an episode of UFO Hunters devoted to the incident.

4. Ulan Bator, Mongolia
Two UFO’s fell out of the sky and landed near Ulan Bator in Mongolia in February of 2010. The first object weighed 10 kg and the second weighed around 2 tons. An uproar followed as this picture of one of the objects made the rounds online with people speculating that the object could be of alien origins. No one knows where the objects came from, but it has been theorized that it was a cone guard from a Russian or Chinese rocket carrier.

3. Kalahari Desert
An unregistered flying object was detected by South African radar in the desert of Botswana in 1989. Fighter jets were immediately sent to intercept the object and the responding pilots reported that the object emitted blinding flashes of light before crashing to the ground. Nothing was found except a crater that was 150 meters across and 12 meters deep when people went to investigate the site. One odd note to add to this mysterious occurrence is that electromagnetic energy in the crater caused havoc to the measuring equipment that was brought by the investigating team. The incident is still debated to this day.

2. Port Shepstone
Numerous credible eye witnesses, including teachers attending a sports event at the local high school reported seeing an aircraft crash land into the sea outside of Port Shepstone, South Africa in May of 2006. Police and rescue crafts searched a 12 square nautical mile area around the site of the crash and reported finding absolutely nothing. The sighting and incident remains a mystery and the only explanation offered was that the weather activity at the time may have caused people to believe they had seen something that they really hadn’t. That seems very unlikely and this incident has the overwhelming feeling of a cover up.

1. Siberia
A glowing pink and blue UFO was seen hurtling towards the ground and crashing in a forest with a thunderous explosion in the Irkutsk region of Siberia in March of 2011. As is common with UFO crashes, a team of Russian government officials and military personnel was seen around the site shortly after the incident. A media blackout was enforced, but not before a video showing a tiny dead alien creature lying in a snowy forest was leaked on the internet.


tonius saved says:

why does it take 2 or more hours for the police to respond to a persons call, yet in the remotest of area and IMMEDIATE response via helicopter and plane and MIB arrive within minutes. Either they are tracking it or they are flying it, or they have a way to teleport near any destination within seconds of being alerted.

Night Howla says:

Interesting STOP SHOOTING DOWN UFOS Global Militaries ALiens are our Friends !

Tamode Swag says:

Lesson? When it comes to UFOs, crashed objects, extra-terrestrials, or anything of that nature, never believe what the government, military, even NASA has to say about the topic. At the very least, take their explanations with a grain of salt, but never at face value.

These people still think the public is stupid enough to believe anything they say, end of story. There are many reasons such infos & topics are being kept away from the public, one of them is knowledge.

Why? because knowledge is power.

christopher taylor says:

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beaconrider says:

You mean to say that all these different aliens are coming here, only to crash in really remote places where there is nothing for them to be interested in?  Sounds more like the Keystone Kops.

Ello Gubna says:

That alien from Russia better come with a plasma gun, if I see that shit I'll snap it's little neck like a chicken

Fucksigningup Foryoutube says:

Who knows if any of this is even remotely true/ correct, because this channel is retarded and gets MOSt videos wrong

TheOftedal says:

Ok so they have travelled potentially hundreds or thousands of lightyears only to make the rookie mistake of crashing on earth. There has nearly been more "reported" alien crashes than major plane crashes the past 70 years. I highly doubt that an alien craft, that must be infinitely more advanced than any craft technology we can even imagine, would just crash on earth. Unless driven by mentally challenged aliens without a UFO licence…

Steven Lester says:

Great animation!!!

danny martin says:


Mart S says:

I really like this channel but AND NOW FOR NUMBER ONE BUT FIRST BE SURE TO SUBSCRIBE. Does this have to be way louder than the rest of the video?

Will “Monkey” Collins says:

I want to be interested but there but there's hardly any enthusiasm making it quite boring.

Nick Ranetkins says:

Why is ther a Russian sailor in the photo of the Canadian crash?

Michelle Millou says:

pourriez vous faire une traduction vers le français ? merck

Maz Holub says:

Evidenc???? wuld like to see moro evidenc ,and not cheep talk

David says:

Okay, someone do tell me, what is a "very credible witness"? No? No one actually knows what this vague term means? How typical. These videos, these idiots, always spouting off complete nonsense, second, third, fourth, 5,000th-hand information and "eyewitness accounts" of spectacular, dare I say impossible events…Sorry, no "evidence" in any of these, no reality, nothing truly legitimate…Move along folks, nothing true to see here…

Brodie Moore says:

I have never seen so much bullshit in my life

JWBM 2016 says:

13 Alleged UFO crash sites lacking hard evidence of their existence!

vorpalthefox says:

12 was a FUI, Alien police swiftly had the intoxicated extraterrestrial apprehended

CreeperHQ MCPE says:

I drove through needles on the way back from California and saw a green flash moving in the sky, it bounced up and down and then disappeared

FortheLuIz says:

Y they no crash in NY City?

Mike Morris says:

Show me a new, clear 1080p video like all new phone's record. Of the crashed ufo. Show the alien. Not some super dark video recorded with a potato. If their real this is bound to happen soon. Almost every human on earth has a Damn phone.

funkyretard says:

What the hell is a USO? These guys had promise but they have been terrible with their research and pronunciation. Sorry, Talltanic, but I have to unsubscribe until the level of content gets better.


may be the aliens are coming to earth for 10 million kilometre oil change

Jim Shaw says:

Oh dear these alien spacecraft are not very flightworthy are they I reckon the world flight control body should ban them just as they airlines with a bad safety record

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