Some Best Indian Ads (Collection) | Indian Commercials

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kab tak chelega jugad………………….. no oooolu banaving

Rul3 Br3ak3r says:

4:28 Nattha from Peepli live

Beti Hai says:

Me ha encantado el video , me he reído mucho con los comerciales . ¡ Ay ! , las barreras del idioma , pero no importa , "AMO INDIA ". Saludos ,desde ARGENTINA .

SriHarsha C V says:

I clicked this because I saw the picture of a beautiful girl on the video's thumbnail.
EDIT: Wow, just realized that girl is Alia Bhatt.

vj j says:

Old ads.. before 2000 were the best.. no special effects or graphics.. Just the content, it was short n entertaining..

Nashita Nusaibah says:

The last ad proves that how Indians are. They can do anything to win a match. And they also proved that in match too. They should kno that they will not always win by disrespecting others or insulting others. What does they think they are, we all how kno they won the match.

iffat rouf says:

I love the bridal get up of aaliya.simple but classy

Nusra Cader says:

the last ad is typical of the irresponsibility displayed by the indian media . its jingoistic , deliberately incites illwill against pakistanis and really very delusional in assuming the world is out to get india. its sad that indians who are generally educated, fall prey to this bs.

Thasneem Deen says:

prabu mai i know the video editing software name ?

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