RCSI MiniMed Lecture Series 2014/2015 – ‘Breast Cancer – What Do We Know Now?’ – Prof Arnold Hill

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This lecture, called ‘Breast Cancer – What Do We Know Now?’ was delivered by the Head of the School of Medicine and Professor of Surgery at RCSI Professor Arnold Hill and was recorded in the O’Flanagan Lecture Theatre, RCSI on 26th November 2014.

In this talk, Prof Hill will speak about how new breast cancer therapies, and how moving to a more personalised patient approach to managing breast cancer, has changed it from a disease that kills, to one where patients have learned to live and manage it as a chronic illness.

The various options to treating and managing the condition will be discussed and Prof Hill will also detail the future challenges in the battle against breast cancer. He will detail the innovations in surgical techniques which are less invasive and have led to vast improvements in breast reconstruction procedures.


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