How I Became a Freelance Graphic Designer

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There were many risks and opportunities I took that have led to where I am today in my freelance career as a graphic designer, and that’s what I’d like to share with you — how I became a freelance graphic designer.

My biggest piece of advice for anyone looking to start a freelance career is to first validate the idea.

These are all things I share on my blog, Your Freelance Career, and it’s things I’m going to specifically dive into in my future videos and posts. So I hope you consider subscribing:

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James Oomens says:

Did you take any classes or college that helped you start your freelancing?

Mohamed Ghabbour says:

how to be a graphic designer < what programs needed ?


What if my marketing tool is social media? Is it smart to post my designs and works online? I'm a 15 year old aspiring graphic artist and I always see clothing brands that I feel I could do exemplary work for, my problem is that I have very little experience and credibility. How do I get people to come to me, as appose to me volunteering to do works for people? I always keep my designs under wraps because I'm scared someone will steal them. I'm very interested in graphic design and becoming a free lance designer, I'm just really looking for some guidance and a few tips. Thankyou

Maxiem Clerx says:

That's really inspiring buddy, thanks. I have a very decent portfolio, but I just can't get clients because I don't know how to market myself. I want to focus on logo design.

TragestyX says:

Nice Ugmonk print.

Njoki Kiiru says:

Hi Brent! I found your video when I was doing a little bit of research and I'm really grateful for all your great info! I'm looking into building my brand as a graphic designer + copywriter. I would like to ask you a few questions if you don't mind, maybe on email?

Jaclyn Kim says:

So inspirational! Thank you!

Ahmed Malhi says:

Hi Brent, My name is Zaheer Ahmed and i am a professional Soccer ball Designer and almost all kind of sports equipment i worked form last five years.I recently start working freelancing work but i do not get any client yet..
please suggest me some thing to establish my freelance business.

Supathi Ratnayake says:

wow! Thanks

UZor U. says:

Thank you.

wout meirlaen says:

Do you think college is necessary, or a waste of time?

Fernando De La Cruz says:

yes I have a question you see my goal is to be good at lightroom, Photoshop, illustrator, fuse, premiere and after effect. In my mind I assumed if im able to do allot amf be will rounded ill be more marketable because why pay for many designers out editors when one can do it all? Then I saw you say it's not good to do everything and base it on one and bold from that. So is what I'm doing for my clients a bad thing or no because right now I'm doing a logo for one client and editing a tv show for another, but I wanted to know your thoughts on this. I'm still new and in school for this and I saw this video so I thought I'd ask.

Julius Niro says:

hey buddy, thanks for this video :)

Youness Elh says:

Thank you for this video

Matthew Spaulding says:

Thanks for sharing your story. Your videos have inspired me to give YouTube a shot

DaniiCalderonL says:

You are brilliant!

Logo Designer (EJ Vicente) says:

Thank you so much brent! . I am now starting my freelance graphic designing, finding clients, and marketing. I think your video really helps me a lot. Good Job brent!

Alice Adair says:

Great video, thank you! I've been working for a design company for 3 years, ive decided to do a bit of freelancing in between. I am only doing projects for friends and family at the moment. How can I get more clients and build up a relationship with them?

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