Young Pharaoh Takes On Prince York And Huhi Kaa Live

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U -J TV ONLINE says:

Despite what you may say or feel about the man, Prior to the FBI invasion of TAMA RE Prince York's father's movement were the fastest growing independent Black movement on the Planet and were growing at an alarming rate, which was why they were targeted for attack by the authorities. However all I can see now is a bunch of Egotistical Wannabe Leaders & Speakers all disagreeing with each other and doing nothing together, but I suppose that the whole purpose of Black Consciousness now to constantly Talk and Disagree for the Purpose of Entertainment encourage by a public who enjoy listening to Talk because that's all they have left.

Detroit Red says:

young "pharaoh" is a one girly ass dude. Fool get a hair cut, trim those nails and shut the fuck up.

U -J TV ONLINE says:

Prince York maybe sitting in the so-called Park waiting for the Mothership, but at least his Father's Movement actually did something tangible with several Communities and infrastructure. So-called Pan Africanism has'nt done shit and is still living off past Glory since Marcus Garvey's movement. Where are you Communities, Building, Properties. Nothing accept Hot Air, Gas Talk and Constant debating and Beefing like School-yard Rappers. The Nuwaubians have an actual physical thriving Community in Ghana right now, where is the so called 'Pan-African' Community outside of America. You Guys talk as if the Nuwaubians are not Black Africans like yourselves, like you have some exclusive right to being African. I personally don't know why Prince York is wasting his time with these kinds of Debates. They are only aimed at making Money and Hustling the public. Young Pharaoh is a very intelligent and enlightened young man, but unfortunately he'll just end up as yet another voice in the wilderness of the milieu of what is the so-called Conciousness Community, which features Dozens of Speakers debating with each other and building Nothing together.

Logically Insane says:

Pharaoh caught 2 bodies CLEARLY

Detroit Red says:

"A European extraterrestrial" smh

Christelyn The Black Woman Is God Karazin says:

The black woman is God!

ceddotm says:

He doesn't comprehend what prince is saying

ceddotm says:

at 205:50-206:50 no he didn't

Kendra Wilson says:

don't Nuwaps got crackas , tan crackas and shit in they organization

EL Hotep says:

Nigga shit but I did learn from both so good job sa

factual statements says:


factual statements says:

Pharaoh destroyed both of these niggas

K Caston says:

European aliens? melinated extra-terrestrials? That's what this nigga Young Pseudo said! I seriously don't understand why anybody ride with this quasi-religious, pseaudo scientific bastard. F#ck Prince Dork too, and his kiddie fucking "fawther".


Pharaoh and Prince should join forces and become the Dynamic Pseudo Duo

ceddotm says:

isn't listening

ceddotm says:

Young Pharaoh Allah is listening he is concerned with his own point of view

Originalhannibal Barca says:

Pharaoh stupid how he gone commit a double murder live, lol they never answered his pyramid text questions so they were dead in the water their rebuttals meant nothing

facelm says:

young pharoah emotions and immaturity is going to be his downfall, he was over talking and wouldn't let the other brothers speak but quick to tell sa neter to mute mics… he was really feminine on this build

Thomas Williams says:

Ihave studied Noone Science and it is just a overview of nature and all its cycles of creation and evolution….

no one is an owner of spiritual knowledge it just is….

Tar-Nuun and Chuck Morgan are playing a game and not advocating anything useful…. All they do use Dr. York as the butter of their quagmire convulted rhetoric….

They will burn out…

Africandebo18 says:

The nuwabian really believe this garbage. They think they are winning discussion

Africandebo18 says:

Man the nuwabian are the sickest people the entire thing is one of worst group. Pharaoh is the. Perfect dude to deal with there BS

delamarfrench says:

Prince York blazed Young Pharoah from the start

Ronald Dennis says:


Ronald Dennis says:

huh kaa an prince York have no energy for OUR BRO

TTB-Family INC says:

Pharoah got his ass cooked lol I can't stand that mumbling bs talking mother fucka

Bakare Ptahnutamun says:

It's painful listening to the ignorance of this this Guy Pharaoh Allah.

David Russell says:

the mediator is pretty biased letting young interrupt but trying check the other brothers

Amun Ptah says:

saa neter stop instigating trying to put huhi kaa against prince york. peace

islord999 says:

Pharaoh got that shaw brothers hairline from the old Chinese karate movies

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