Help for Chronic Pain – Stuff that WORKS!

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Relaxo Bak Seat:
Cold Pak:
Christopher’s Bone and Tissue:
Siang Pure Oil:
Cayenne Ointment:
Adrenal Health:


nick hare says:

all of you videos are amazing thank you for helping us with every aspect of our present and future lives this video and all the others were very informative

Logan Saunders says:

Thank you very much,been treated for the past four years. I get Six to eight shots every two weeks and trying to work out other ways.

William W Anderson 12 says:

Do you know Jesus Christ as your Saviour?

JonWayne357 says:

Thank you very much for this video. I'm only 27 and my back went out a few months ago. Even after surgery I still have alot of nerve pain in my legs and I look forward to trying your advice!!!

Karen Lemperle says:

Thank you so much! I just ordered all these for my hubs!

Deborha Smith says:

Have you ever had a Zyto scan to help show what Essential Oils you body may need. I use this form of checking to see what my body is saying also…..Remove a lot of guessing…. Blessings to you darlin, I so love to hear what you have to say….TY,TY,TY.

deborah bonney says:

what helps you most>? I have no money so what is your top "have to have' on your list, please.

deborah bonney says:

i was rear ended in 2006 and my life has been hell of pain and pain all day and night. I want to wean off of narcotics and have been working on it.
I use tiger balm and have to lay down a lot. THANK YOU smooch!
I will make a list. i want to try the solan pas pads.

Julie wei says:

take some rest. you speech is too fast and without pause. It seems that you are still stressed.

Allison Snow says:

I've worked in medicine for 25 years. In consultation with my pain mgmt MD, here are the therapies I've tried to reduce my nerve pain: acupuncture, energy work, Reiki, chiropractic, massage, Epsom salt bath, arnica bath additive, physical therapy, Quell pain mgmt TENS unit, prescription meds including opiates, cymbalta, Gabapentin, anti inflammatories (Celebrex, ibuprofen), medical marijuana, relax the back seat cushion & car seat cushion, mindfulness, steroid injections, heat & cold pack, massage mats included in a heating pad and lastly: PRAYER. All work to a varying degree. God Bless you for your advice on supplements. I've been using botswellia, a good multivitamin and Omega 3. This is a healing journey and I suspect a lifelong one at that.

Joe Rocker says:

I really want to rub this ladys feet while she twirls her hair and giggles as we watch re-runs of the wonder years

Dan Kemp says:

So you know Maine Prepper,.
why does he seem so very ANGRY?

on the lighter side. your videos are always excellent.

tell this guy to chill.

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