Animals, funniest and most amusing creatures on Earth – Super funny animal compilation

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Do you want a try not to laugh challenge? Here you go! A am sure all these guilty dogs, funny scared people, funny eating animals, cats, puppies, deers, lamas, bears, squirrels,… will make you laugh, pretty hard! What is your favourite clip? 😉 Hope you like our compilation, please share it and SUBSCRIBE! Watch also our other videos!

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“Hammock Fight, Sneaky Snitch, Fensters Explanation, Whiskey on the Mississippi, Monkeys Spinning Monkeys” Kevin MacLeod (
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Ashley Dunkley says:

Lol some of these are rlly funny

李三 says:


Morticia Cat says:

Did you uh.. did you sit on a sucker? XD killed me

willgtl says:

9:40 That man is a genius! You just need to teach him to close the refrigerator door on his own. You don't want to get so drunk that you forget to ask him to close it and then your beer gets warm.

Niamh Baszyl says:

i used to share my ice cream with my dogs not anymore though they get their own but i still share my apples with my ponies.

Terran Titanium says:

7:55 kINK

Terran Titanium says:

omg the dog at 2:20 is so cute

Draggesta says:

Me on mondays

.:WinterBlueWolf:. says:

So cute ^-^

Tatjanak1989 says:

who chewed the paint brush?! 4:05. hilarious! and it only gets better from there! haha!

Belle Durand says:

The white dog is DEFINETLY not satisfied with his weight :D

Elisha721 Wolfgirl says:

Aww so cute and funny ☺️

Vikram Sinha says:

hahah lol

Maddog Dog says:

Wow that dog hates his weight

Tobias William Nielsen 6B Søhusskolen says:

Super funny dogs With ICE cream

hade alrashed says:


Clara Carpentier says:

Sin engagement reporter cycle explore distinguish

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