One Simple Hack To Blow Up Your Online Business (seriously)

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Websites DIY says:

Great advice!

Brogan Rogers says:

Seriously gangster! Cheers

Pete Veale says:

fair point

Cody Boom Boom McBroom says:

Solid video brother. The key to growth in this industry is obviously knowing your shit and providing good, caring, service to clients… But Content, Content, and More Content – Consistently – thats the real key. PATIENCE.

Joey Benadiba says:

Always the best raw business and fitness advice on YouTube you're the man mike!

Jim Conrad says:

Sometimes I wonder what it'd be like to work really hard at something as opposed to flowing with the stream. The former might be my only retirement strategy.

Tyler Zang says:

I really want to own a gym but idk where to start. I would like a mentor. I would learn so much more from someone other than reading or looking around about it. It will just help so much, i just dont know where to begin.

MoCbr900 says:

You could have made this a 9 second video! The last 9 seconds sum up perfectely what makes the biggest difference in people that "would like to …" and the few choosen ones that "will do…".

Chavy Cash says:

Whats up mike. Very happy I watched the pod. Now Im motivated to accomplish many goals I set for myself.

areia2710 says:

We should definately connect. I have some business prospects id like to discuss with you. Is email the best way of contact?

Krysten Novak says:

Thanks Mike. I constantly put out content and get discouraged at times. The growth is there, just not as quickly as I expected. This was very helpful

Albi Kociu says:

Completely agree, Mike. I'm sitting here reading The Talent Code and I'm more convinced than ever… it just takes effort. Just put in the work.

That being said, committing to your thing and avoiding distractions is fucking hard. Aaaand that's why most people stop doing it somewhere along the way. I think the trick could be to convince yourself that you're close. When people feel like they're close, they will put in more effort. If something seems so unattainable, then they won't.

fhi11e says:

Thank you for this straight up reminder. Need to watch it everyday! Do, fail, repeat! ❤️

Majd Mansour says:

Can u make a video of how to stop binging ? Every time i start a diet… i do it for a week or 2 and then one random night i binge… a lot how can i stop that ( this is not related to this video but i really need help )

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