No Man’s Sky Guide – 100% Planet Zoology and Objects Guide

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I decided to record an odyssey. I was attempting to get 100% Planet Zoology and 100% overall on the planet and I succeeded. Here are some tips for you to succeed too!


darkline64 says:

It is SUPER unclear to hold X on the 100% once you've 100% everything. I thought my game was bugged.

The Gaming Meerkat says:

If you have any questions, constructive criticism or what not leave them in the comments and I'll be sure to get back to you.

The Gaming Meerkat says:

Okay, listen.

I do know that to get 100% on a planet only requires the animals. Read the title again, 'Planet Zoology AND OBJECTS'. I thought it would be cool if you could get many pages of discoveries on a planet, that was the reason for the tips on finding plants. If you don't want to, just ignore the tip. It isn't hard.

I do know you can repair your Hazard Protection with Oxide elements. That is a well known fact known by most of the No Man's a Sky community. You can ignore that tip. I made it just in case you didn't have the materials necessary.

This video was much more rushed than my others, so I may make retarded mistakes and look like a fool.

John Wagner says:

1. You don't need to analyze the plants to get 100%. Just the animals
2. You do realize you can repair your protection with Zinc and Titanium? You can stay outside in extreme weather as long as you want.

Vermeylen케빈 says:

You can also just zoom-in on the flying creatures which let's you scan it without having to shoot it down. I did this just yesterday I always zoom so I don't have to get too close really.

Blundering Tusk says:

I've spent hours and hours and hours trying to find the last species on my current planet. I've maxed out a lot of my milestones, I'm incredibly close to maxing out my on-foot exploration, but I haven't completed a single planet's zoology and it's frustrating. It's such a good planet I'm on too, because it's not hazardous, and the sentinels are low security.

4 Cheese Ropanouie says:

Here's the trick I use to find the hidden animals
>Speeds up video so you can't see the trick<

rebpat21 says:

Thank you so much for a great and helpful video! I was literally wondering around trying to scan birds for two hours, then I tried to shoot them down the the bolt-caster and just though I had terrible aim.

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