NO MAN’S SKY | “Galapagos” – Trophy Guide (Planet Zoology Scanned) Easy Way!

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This guide covers the 3 trophies related to the “Planet Zoology Scanned” milestones. The trophies are:
“A Scanner Darkly” – Attain ‘Naturalist’ status in Planet Zoology Scanned
“The Star Beast” – Attain ‘Archivist’ status in Planet Zoology Scanned
“Galapagos” – Attain ‘Encyclopedia’ status in Planet Zoology Scanned

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TheNightcrawler009 says:

think they fixed now so plantes with no fauna wont count towards the milestone…

MtG Investor says:

Good tips dude!

ilikeitalotsexy says:

this zoology is glitching on me,I have been 100% on many planets but in the journey it says I have only once….!!!

Mirror of Lïmït says:

Doesn't seem to work after 1.3 update :c

Crowder says:

Can't upload an empty planet, any idea why?

Michael Kiper says:

Great guide! This has been giving me some problems and this will help a lot.

Throkers says:

Screw birds, just screw them, smug flying douchebags, thinking they're so smart cause they can fly :(

Danny Morgan says:

I like your channel more than ps4 trophies ;)

Danny Morgan says:

I got my 9th platinum thanks for your help!

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