I Own Pakistan “How to start business with Rs.10000/- (Part 7)”

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help us to grow business environment in Pakistan, Make common man strong in wealth & Dont make them beggar, Remove Poverty then you can resolve Pakistan’s Problem


Awais Qureshi says:

Thank you…

Attique Ur Rehman says:

For IT professionals only. Mind it.

Umer Niazi says:

Great work Abid Bhai,

All the seven videos are awesome. Please keep on doing the great work. Thumbs up

ShahzadFaiz says:

thanks for sharing

Muhammad Iqbal says:

nice job man… i feel proud now…

Alterations says:

@rehan33 you do know he is doing a whole series and this video is just one part of that series? Part 7 tell you something?

Rehan Allahwala says:

With her, you should do more videos about, What is Pakistan, Introduction to life of a woman in Pakistan

Being in Business as a woman in Pakistan ( good parts) do not get any negative videos 🙂

AWesesome job, love u man

Rehan Allahwala says:

Abid i suggest to put title accordingly ie , Starting a freelance business with 10,000 rupees

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