Oligo radiation with chemo pills update (1069 days since first grand mal)

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In this short of an average video, I share an update with my radiation and Temozolomide treatments. So far all the blood work has come back normal and I am feeling as well as can be expected if not a lot better. I am damn determined to fight through this thing! Moreover, I am damn determined to win this thing! The hair lost is there permanently perhaps (says the oncologist and radiologist). I experienced a bit of grief after it started happening and became quite visibly noticeable. Hear more details in the video. Almost halfway to the radiation and I am feeling tired and mild nausea here and there but whole foods and healthy diet is keeping me going right along with a positive attitude. If you’re someone down with daily seizures or cancer or a brain tumor, I hope you find the will within yourself to continue to battle for as long as you can with the best positive attitude that you have in you! In solidarity, Angelo!
ps-thank you for chipping in and helping #TeamBrewpublic raise Close to $18,000 for the National Brain tumor Society here in Portland Oregon! Keep giving to http://braintumor.org or to your local hospital or community groups for good!


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