Nintendo NX – Aiming for Gamers & Casuals, Avoiding Software Droughts | PE NewZ

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jonn mace says:

They better have learned their lesson.

Haruhi Suzumiya says:

lost in thoughts, all alone.

jordan rausch says:

I know this will never happen. But please keep the name nx it's a great name for a next gen. Call me crazy but Nintendo NX? Hell yeah. I understand it's a code name. That doesn't mean they can't use it. They still could. I'd be fine with it. Don't know about you all.

Tyrone Lee says:

didn't they talk about how the engine for BotW would be used for multiple games?

thebestgame ever says:

I love how Mario galaxy looks with dolphin , I'm waiting for a HD remaster for Wii U if is possible . Or nx

Defualt says:

I'm glad that they are focusing on both markets, the casual and the core market. This is something I can approve.
The only thing and I will always be saying until the very end it's DO NOT SACRIFICE POWER OVER INNOVATION if you do that you will do great, cause I know several people are willing to buy the NX with many games from everywhere, from indies to 3rd party games and 1st party….that much I want….scratch that …that is what WE ALL WANT

Tyke says:

They dont need to focus on casuals with nx, their mobile intiative already have that. But its awesome to hear that nintendo seem to have software come out much more quickly, i want the nx to have a kickass launch and first year

nybajan says:

Nintendo says this every generation–after every generation where there was a drought and they failed to please both gamers and casuals. Want to believe but I'll believe it when I finally see it.

Dominican Flavor says:

Eh, I do kinda agree that there should be a bit more variety in music for these videos. Just my opinion.

MrTweej says:

Yeah, that's what I've been saying about the failure of the Wii U. It was 8 months after launch before we got Pikmin 3 and nothing in between… AT LAUNCH! I don't see any reason why they couldn't use the same engine for a Mario Galaxy style game, a 3D World, a Captain Toad sequel, and a Luigi's Mansion game. I just read somewhere that they want to use Breath of the Wild's engine for a multi-player Zelda too. They need to get it done though or else the NX will fail. It's the most important thing they need to focus on.

Tommy Lu says:

A wise strategy indeed.

Matthew Pipes says:

Yeah, I'll believe it when I see it. They said the same thing about the Wii U and look how that went.

Desmond Hollins says:

wait, I have a silly question: is unreal engine is a good or bad? I'm kinda curious if Nintendo using it.

Vigilanteblade says:

The Wii wasn't appreciated by gamers though. However, it's good to hear that they actually are going to think about the gamers potentially. If they actually do that, that means no forced gimmicks.

TheGoodLefty says:

Revel it already please I'm begging you Nintendo

ew275x says:

They did say they planned to use the BotW engine for other projects, didn't they?

ԼƖƝƘҲҲ says:

And what has Gaara to do with them?

Rui PTG says:

if the rumor that itll be called Focus is true… mega fail. doesnt roll off the tounge at all.

Tara Cole says:

u faggots nvr learn these companies say whatever they want bc they know a bunch of couch potatoe console tards could never build the intertia for any real lawsuit

Apollo says:

Didn't they say the same thing about the Wii U? I'll believe it when I see it. I have no faith in this company anymore.

Ninten Duvo says:

Yeah Nintendo just needs to build one universal engine for all of their first party software, a part of the reason it takes them so long because they always start from scratch

StlBlues42 says:

Good news.

Wiener Bob says:

Ey bro, can u do me a favor and use music from a different game, I'm getting bored of the fates music every video

Doctor. WaitIamadoctor!? says:

yes!!gamezz!!! no months of waiting!!!

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