How to Make Product Labels (With 100% Free Software) – A GIMP Tutorial for Beginners | Royalty Soaps

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You ask, I deliver! Here’s a quick and super easy to understand tutorial for someone who has never even opened GIMP in their life. lol


♕ T h i n g s M e n t i o n e d ♕

Unicorn Print –
Gimp –
Custom Fonts –


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**The Bouqs
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Shanmaree Walker says:

Excellent. Thankyou so much. you are so kind and helpful. I have a huge festival in October so this is so appreciated. bless you. ;)

Thoma White says:

I thought the video was very informative! Thanks for free info!

Kammi4321 says:

How did you design your logo?

Lather Up Naturally says:

You did a great job on your tutorial. It was very helpful. I was able to finish my logo and labels. Thanks so much. I have a question to ask you even though it has nothing to do with this video. How do you get traffic to flow to your website or etsy shop. I have been working like a dog to get traffic to my site. Sometimes I feel like I'm banging my head against the wall. Any hints or do you have a video I missed on this?

22mononoke says:

Thank you Katie – this tutorial was very interesting and informative.

Lisa Hopkins says:

Thank you so much! Very helpful! Love more videos on labels!

The Bead Club Lounge says:

What a lovely tutorial! Very clear and informative. May I ask what program you used to create your screencast?

Georgene Chester says:

That's awesome! I've spent the last two days struggling with my label making software. You're a God sent, because of you there is my answer. Thank You !

Suds 'n Satin says:

Thanks Katie. Yes please go ahead and show us the printing options as well.

Julie Diaz-Troyk says:

awsum, yes please :D

Lauren Elle says:

great tutorial!

Sinopaify says:

Where did you creat you're logo?

Heather Lynn Rigaud says:

Helpful! Thank you.

Jessica Montgomery says:

Yes, I would LOVE for you to do a tutorial about how to put labels on one sheet; I LOVE your videos…

English Alchemy says:

Brilliant! You posted this just as I was wondering how on earth to prettify my labels! Thanks :)

CHuston Huston says:

Thank you!  I do have a question about the type of label sheets you use.  I am looking for a label sheet that is good for the lotion jars (for example) so that the ink does not smear off.  Vinyl labels ?

Little Sprite says:

This is awesome! I have GIMP but I had no idea how to use it. Thanks Katie :-)

DandiCreations says:

Great tutorial!

Chouchette Peluchette says:

Many Thanks! Great tutorial for beginners on Gimp! Please do the next tutorial as you proposed!

Laura Calderon says:

Great tutorial. ..going to try it. thanks

Terry B says:

thank you so much Katie. GREAT INFO. can you please share where you purchase the Christmas tree glitter and snowflake glitter.

Wing Walker says:

Very nice video and thanks for sharing. Do you know how to align multiple labels over a sheet of sticker labels?

Evangeline Boyles says:

ingredients labels please

Evangeline Boyles says:

great. next step in label video please

Danielle Dignin says:

I would love to see how to print multiples on a sheet…still trying to find programs that work for printing labels

Lisa Robinson says:

Yes, please do printing from gimp too. Great video!

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