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Feliciannurse says:

thank you…I love the app too <3

Feliciannurse says:

Thank you so much!! I love comments like this!! I hope I am a source of inspiration and just FUN to watch hahaha….thank you for watching and commenting <3

Feliciannurse says:

yes, they did reformat WW to count the fruit but I still think when a food has a caloric value it should not be "free" because food is our addiction and when we hear "free" we can easily go overboard 😉

Feliciannurse says:

My husband's band is called PSYCHOPRISM. They have a facebook page so go check them out!!

Feliciannurse says:

I love it too!! It took me waaaayyyyy too long to find it though ;(

Feliciannurse says:

It is truly amazing!!

Feliciannurse says:

I cannot believe how long it took me to find it!!!!

Feliciannurse says:

I agree…whatever works 🙂

Feliciannurse says:

Thank you very much 🙂

Feliciannurse says:

LOL…..we are definitely on the same wavelength <3 Thank you for your kindness, it means so much to me!!!

Feliciannurse says:

Thank you Elena!! I feel so out of touch…I just found it not too long ago 😉

Feliciannurse says:

Thank you Susan…I have quite a collection 😉

Kim Stevans says:

You are AWESOME!!!! 🙂

angietampa says:

….and check this app LOSE IT! works very well too.Have a great weekend!!

angietampa says:

Hey, WW don't said fruit has no calories all they said is fruit is 0 points for their plan, is 0 cuz WW plan focus in LOW FAT food and fruits have no fat, some dressings or jello are 0 points BUT the serving size only usually 2 tbsp.no half of the jar, if I ate more than 2 tbsp. I add a point, if u eat more than 3 fruits a day add points I don't think no one to need to loose weight is going to b eating fruits all day cuz we wont b overweight, coffee w ff cr its 0 but if I drink 3 cups I ADD a Pt

Ashley Elyse says:

Don't they have the ww program formatted to account t for the fruit and veg? I used to count calories now I switched to ww lol

Cupcakes and Kickboxing says:

love ur necklace, love mfp that's how I lost my weight. how cool ur hubs is in a band can u tell us which one ? if not that's cool too. cant wait to see ur haul!!!

Steffi P says:

I love my fitness pal! Been using it every day since January. I am addicted. Plus I use fitbit activity tracker and it links to MFP so it tracks my exercise.

LadyVal05 says:

I love, love, love MyFitnessPal! It's so easy to use, and like you said, has a huge food bank. You can also add your own foods. And, if you go to the website, there are forums for members to share information. Oh, you can also connect Endomondo, fitbit, etc. to it and it will automatically import that exercise data. So, happy when someone discovers how cool this app is!

Lillian C says:

I'm glad that MyFitnessPal is working for you. I believe that whatever works for each individual to lose weight…is great for that person. I personally love the new WW and although I don't understand why fruits and veggies aren't counted as points when they used to be before….I DO know that I don't count them and I still have been losing steadily anywhere between 1-2 pounds a week on average. I don't do a ton of exercise. Just push mow the lawn and also walk 2-3 times a week.

allsummersingle says:

Happy Belated Birthday.

TamingTheFoodBeast says:

We must be on the same wave length today, I am uploading a video today talking about the WW fruit thing and the Myfitnesspal app! You are doing so GREAT, love the muscles! Glad you had a wonderful birthday! Have a great weekend! <3 Susan

Elena Ives says:

I love my fitnesspal .been using it for about a month now.Happy belated Birthday.

Susan V. says:

You are so funny! Good info too! Love your necklaces.

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