Top 10 Rules Of The Tour De France

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The Tour de France is full of quirky protocols, both written and unwritten. Here are our 10 favourites.
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Did you know the riders can get fined for not signing on each day? How about the unwritten rule of no attacks on the final stage? Matt and Dan have raided the rulebook for some ‘quite interesting’ laws.

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sam vag says:

contador didn't gave a shit when schleck broke down in 2010 or 12 i believe

Haeral says:

What a lovely channel. Full of information, witty people, and overall just good entertainment. Thank you for your uploads, I hope they never stop coming.

Brendon Noble noble says:

Did Froome get the aggressive rider award for punching a spectator?

Simon Fenkart says:

Respect to yellow….hmmmm: Contador, Schleck

Mark John Solamillo says:

i like to break all the inwritten rules.

SupersternNo1 says:

Can someone explain me what it means to "wait " for the yellow jersey same with the last stage, why there aren't any attacks when its part of a race? and is the complete last stage just for fun?, then what if a rider has to take a "piss" are others slowing down or what is it? i mean its a race afterall , arent everyone giving their best to the end?

stephan bachman says:

I and maybe a lot of others would be happy if rule number 9 would be eliminated! It is a race, do what ever is needed to win the tour, even to the last meters!
An attack on the last stage would be a real good surprise.

T1agos says:

"100 euros = 65 pounds" nice joke GCN

Matt Dion says:

Looks like even Spider-Man disapproves of Matt's jorts.

GayDicks420 says:

Right; can anyone explain to me what is wrong with a straight race? Why does it need to be more complicated than that with averages and all?
Why is it considered good sportmanship to not 'attack' in so many instances? Is not holding in your piss, keeping your gear in working order, and staying on your bike part of the race?

KeithVsGames says:

GCN: The Top Gear of Cycling.

Bent Spoke says:

But are the unwritten rules rules written or unwritten rules?

Jared Irons says:

sexy bikes dude

Brian Cartoscelli says:

bring back steel

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