The gravity-defying physics of Simone Biles

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Is Olympic gold medalist Simone Biles really unbeatable? We break down the physics behind her signature move. Read more:


country cooter says:

at 4'8" she's half crack baby half something from the lord of the rings.

kfixjake001 says:

Yeah but…..Simone Biles IS gymnastics. The was Olga, Nadia, Mary Lou, and some meh in between. But Simone is the real deal. Bringing the sport to an all time high. Between her and Dominique…the sky is the limit! Go USA!

Romey Meyers says:

what in the hell?? this is some Video Game type stuff here. GREATNESS!!

sakurakou2009 says:

might be transgender , I have feeling that she is trans !

Faheem Abdullah says:

you know how small the backyard is in Columbus Ohio next year let's go get her brother

Faheem Abdullah says:

she said her brother told her that why don't we go look for him he had won the men's All Around Gymnastics

Faheem Abdullah says:

she told the world she learned these things in the backyard of her home in Columbus Ohio the so-called ghetto and bought it before the world and is the best at it maybe we should look in those areas for a future gymnast to represent us Great America American is plenty of raw talent there

Faheem Abdullah says:

the truth is a child can fly take a good look

Faheem Abdullah says:

part of what's wrong if some of these announcers are allowed to bring their own personal biases in their commentary Simone biles the first woman. to accomplish such a great feat

jessica iskra says:

fogot to mention that the floor has special springs in them to help give them that lift.

Nelly L says:

Even while lying on my bed I am actually capable of hurting myself. I feel worthless hahaahahahhaha

babyboybyrd1982 says:

Beautiful There is nothing left 2 say

M Peachy says:

Aaaand of course people are going to say it's because she's black. Smh as a black woman, I disagree. Call me whitewashed or a coon all you want. Her skin color is not the reason she's successful. It's the black people like the ones claiming "race is the reason" that are usually the most racist.

M Peachy says:

Why give away the secret??

xellossaxon says:

Larissa Latynina ftw

Chris Williams says:

that was very enlightening. what a powerful young lady. Lol, she has a whole lot of Boing

roundandsquareful says:

She's amazing!

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