Temperature: Crash Course Physics #20

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Welcome to the new Crash Course Physics Studio!

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Bridges. Bridges don’t deal well with temperature changes. In order to combat this, engineers have come up with some work arounds that allow bridges to flex as they expand or contract. In this episode of Crash Course Physics, Shini talks to us about temperature and the ideal gas law. Also, we figure out how much air is in your car.

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Neutroncapture says:

I hope CC physics eventually does a video talking about the physics of pressure. Extremely high pressures, such as in earth's core, Jupiter's core, brown dwarf cores, and so forth affects the properties of matter and can, for instance, change an element, molecule, or compounds crytsal structure to something different than what we are used to seeing at "standard" temperatures and pressures on earth's surface. Brown dwarfs I believe can have pressures high enough that in their cores, ordinary matter can become degenerate. The general formula for pressure is force divided by area, but inside planetary interiors I imagine the math becomes more complicated. I also hope that maybe they eventually cover a little bit of magnetohydrodynamics. Crystallography, electricity, and magnetism is all interesting. So much to cover and learn, and yet so little time.

J0cked says:

Am I going to have to be the one to point out the Symmetra spray on the car?

Filip Filipović says:

OMFG!!! There were over 6 kg of air in that car in the morning. I can’t believe it.

nyyght7 says:

Love it!
Thank you CrashCourse, keep'em coming.

cabington says:

Am I the only one that gets annoyed when she says 5 m cubed instead of the correct 5 CUBIC m

Xiao'sChannel says:

the recommended book is a bit uhh, too well-known i think.

Fraser Wyllie says:

God dammit why the hell does she have to be so sexy!! I can't concentrate on physics with her …… change in length of my penis due to pressure increase

Sudeep Neupane says:

could you please explain electrostatics, capacitor,current…. in detail?

8-Bit Eggplant says:

Overwatch ARG at 6:20??

Pew Die Pie says:

You know what else shrinks when cold and expends when hot? DEEZ NUTZ

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