‘FAILED: What the “Experts” Got Wrong on the Global Economy’ – Mark Weisbrot on TRNN (1/3)

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CEPR economist Mark Weisbrot says the failures of the Eurozone and European economies are due to unaccountable, unelected authorities who have taken control of fiscal policy in order to remove social and economic protections for ordinary people

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martynas aukst says:

Real news is a reformist organization and as such it should really incorporate proper economics in their analysis. I mean they have good people like Bill black and Michael hudson, although the latter confuses more than illuminates, but they are still stuck in their neoliberal groupthink : there is no alternative. all over the world almost no crisis ever were as a result of the monetary policy. because they cannot tell the difference between monetary policy and fiscal policy they dig their own grave. please start interviewing proper people regarding economics such as Randy wray, Warren mosler and Bill Mitchell.

profd65 says:

The Greeks are themselves TOTALLY responsible for this mess; don't even try to shift responsibility to Germany, France, or the EU. Greek politicians were terrified to impose taxes sufficient to pay for the full service social democracy that Greece had–not that these taxes would have been paid anyway, since tax evasion is the norm in Greece–and therefore the politicians continued to borrow money to keep the government running.

Charles Eldredge says:

Thus guy may know economics in a book sense, but he doesn't grasp real world economics. Case in point, his mention of the Brexit vote as being based on demogogic and racist reasons. He doesn't get that what he calls racist was actually economic. Flooding any country with immigrants in the huge numbers we have seen in Europe and the U.S. lowers wages and increases unemployment. The Brits were not voting based on race, but on economics. He also didn't mention sharia law not being compatible with western law and culture.
REAL NEWS is so biased. More so than most other alternative media. And they definitely take their cues from MSM when it comes to BLM and other divisiveness that's being thrust upon the American people.

bento mooseleany says:

ya if podemos are already moderating and entering into coalitions with center (read: fake) leftists i smell a capitulation coming from them to the EU/IMF. Corbyn capitulating to the blairites and supporting (halfheartedly) remaining in the neoliberal EU and then the blairites launching a coup against him for the BS they put him in and which he pathetically caved to are also a series of bad signs.

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