Secret UFO Police Spotted In Florida? Alien Fleet Over The Bronx & More! 8/18/16

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Gavin Helgeson says:

I wonder if there are helicopters flying around with the same logos.

IamSNIP3R says:

email me

jane doe says:

beam me up scotty..

DAve eich says:

those lights seem to be 1 massive ship, you can even kinda see the outline, and all the lights are moving together

2314asfadsf23 says:

Weird, this video reminded me of the other day when I saw a USV with "Zombie Response Unit" written on it's side in Edmond, Oklahoma. Thought it was weird and my wife saw it too… But was driving by as I saw it and couldn't get a picture. Couldn't see inside due to it's tinted windows.

Jose Patricio says:


So Cal Bee Guy says:

It is obvious that painting "UFO RESPONSE UNIT" on police cars is to see what kind of response you (the "unit") has to police cars with "UFO RESPONSE UNIT" painted on them. Psy-op… and for what purpose(s)?

Jarvbs Jones says:

The ufo response cars have the same license plate, yet they are from 2 different sources. Tyler lying, as always

Louis Jasinski says:

Do florida police and other municipal vehicles all use the same state plates as normal drivers? Here in pennsylvania our municipal vehicles use blue plates….

Ben Noble says:

Yahweh and the serpent are aliens so dont shoot them down OK. They made us and all lifeforms. Annunaki means- those who from heaven to earth came. Alot of earth organism's look a bit alien.Alien's are Jesus' father YHWH and the serpents of the bible (insects, Deep sea fishes etc). Aliens/ made the angel's and us so don't freak out about an alien invasion etc. I live in Australia and have seen Yhwh,some of the angels including cherubim and archangels(which are Homo erectus giants crossbred with Alien's) so just accept that alien's have a presence on earth for real.

Susan Friedman says:

I live in Cape Coral Florida and haven't seen these police cars before however, I have spotted many UFO's as have many of my neighbors. UFO's appear here all of the time. This seems to be a place where UFO's are very prevalent.

Jerry Bruno says:

I live in Florida… O.o

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