Writing a Python Program – Simple Workflow

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This 14-minute demo shows how to use two terminal windows to write and debug a simple Python program.


Je Serai Un Legionaire says:

hi Richars, i have a question: i have a link http://icecast.vgtrk.cdnvideo.ru/vestifm_mp3_192kbps its a online playing of a radio,
how can i play it in cmd?

Elektro Beyin says:

ne izledim ben şimdi amk

Bert Visscher says:

I don't seem to need the shebang, whereas I am using OS X, just like you. It is a newer version of OS X though, might that be the reason?

10:30 Why didn't you just hit the Tab key there?

Perfidion says:

That was really useful. Clear, step by step instructions at a reasonable pace. When presented like this, learning to program no longer seems like a futile attempt to translate Klingon. Thanks a lot.

Dustin Marks says:

VIM? FFS kill me now.

What the hell is that banging?

KSReviews says:

Awesome video man!

talha tariq says:

what IDE is that? I am very confused.

Mota Mota says:

people who are using python 3x, need to change line 16 by userGuess = int(input("Your guess: ")).
See the following

Roto Spak says:

This is great thanks! But how do you loop it? Whenever i type in my first number, the program ends. thanks

theinfinity says:

looks like a nice video…..but I have windows

Grant says:

i kinda wish you would explain these things instead of saying "you will learn it"

Zigi BG says:

And aaa… -________-

Luis Chavez says:

Can you provide the link for the download? I'm barely getting into programming..

ABC says:

Mr.White, this tutorial is excellent. Thank you Sir.

neelesh urmaliya says:

Would you share some more videos related python programming with real world programming

Tony Zhou says:

Nice video. I'd prefer a test driven workflow though.

novicetech1 says:

Just learning Python. This was awesome!!! Hope you'll do more. This kind of instruction fits perfectly with my learning style. Kudos.

101zulu says:

you spelled 'congratulations' wrong

Thomas H says:

great video, so helpful!!!

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