The Google Doodle Team Reveals Their Game Design Process

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With the whole world coming together right now to play games in Brazil, the Doodle team really wanted to create games that everyone with a phone could also play. The result: The 2016 Fruit Games! We hung out with the Doodle team and found out how they made the games, and even played around with some early prototypes. Leave us a comment about your favorite game. (Nat’s is water polo, Lo’s is golf.)

Play the Fruit Games (live until August 21st, 2016) →

Thanks to our friend and overall cool person Vibe Mountain for the music in this episode!

Nat & Lo — We make videos demystifying the technology in our everyday lives. We use the access we have to Google to talk with crazy smart engineers and other experts about the technology they make and how it works, then condense what we find out into video form.


nelq06 says:

these games are addictive

Lucas Kikkawa says:

3552 BMX

Rudolph du Plooy says:

Nice video guys! :)

Marcel A says:

Secrets of Google is revealed @ 3:53. Muahaha

Agentul Android says:

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I want to buy a new phone.
What should I buy?
Nexus 5x or 6p or waiting for nexus marlin and sailfish.
please respond me.
sorry for my english :)

LucasDaLegend says:

Make it a app

Tyler Rochwerg says:

These games are so well done.

Aferud Karrim says:

I like my Google Doodle no apps can be replaced excellent service and we love you

Cuddles The Hamster says:

the doodle fruit games slare so much fun! Good job! I love the tennis game the best!

Luke Gackle says:

How do you get those special interactive annotations at the end of your videos? I want special interactive annotations ahahah

Wither BG says:

You say "for team was hard to do games for every phones" ,but i dont see is for WINDOWS phones !!!! Liers !

legaata says:

"another challenge that the team had to work with is to make these games that anybody can play what phone they had, what language they speak or what age they are". How about if you don't have a phone? At least not a phone with movement sensors? How many phones have got that? Their statement about anybody being able to play the games is just a load of bullshit.

SleekMouse says:

Love the smart talented google team, I really don't care for these really stupid lezbo bitches…

Daniel Szilagyi says:

this is by far one of the funniest! thank you for sharing a little of the process

rajkamal .s says:

yooo 400th like

David Martínez says:

English subtitles are off sync.

Shiva Chauhan says:

great work.. thanks :)

Saurabh Minocha says:

want to see something beautiful, pause at 2:05 :)

binggi bangga bongo 정 says:

I especially like the pineapple game

Naqi Ch says:

why he said "banana"

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