Panic! At The Disco – Nicotine (Jaydean Big Room Remix)

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Tylersaurus says:

I'd love to use this in a video of mine, giving credit to you of course- A ok?

sansy pansy says:

awesome I love it

twenty one pilot's whore says:

this is an awesome remixxxx omgerd

lyviana says:

Can I use this for a video?

Qwerty says:

It gets good after one minute or so

WINK says:

Can I use this in a video? Will give credit

realxbrix says:

Frozen ballsack

TrapWaves says:

its decent :O

Cabeadralcity Lmfao says:

usually i would say nothing beats the original but this is pretty sweet bro, keep up the good work! :)

Tristan Thompson says:

really? i only see positive comments on the remix yet its horrible, same fucking beat at the end of each chorus…my 11 year old brother could do better, this is pathetic

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