Mom Gives Compelling Reasons To Avoid Vaccination and Vaccines

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Natural health activist Brittney Kara shares how she keeps her family of five healthy and happy, which includes no vaccines and avoiding vaccination. She shares the story of her child who couldn’t sleep properly for over a year after one vaccination, why vaccines are dangerous and why we don’t need vaccines in order to protect our children from infections.

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Velvet Passion says:

This message is so powerful, she literally gave me chills and I agree with everything. I remember looking into vaccines a few years ago. Then I got pregnant and then I went back into researching these vaccines because now it wasn't out of pure interest… It is for the sake of my unborn child. This is so important.

Alison LeBoeuf says:

You sound a lot like me! Except, I had decided to delay for 2 yrs… but, in that time, I had done so much research, that by the time my oldest turned 2, there was NO WAY she was going to be vaccinated! Like you, I also didn't think the vitamin K shot was anything but extra vitamins… so, my oldest got the shot and my 2nd got the oral (one dose in the hospital). My son, was born at home, a solo, unassisted water birth in my tub 🙂 He's never been to a well-baby appointment. He's cord wasn't cut until he was at least half an hour old and he isn't circumcised. He didn't have eye gook either. He was a wonderful baby… slept well and nursed well! 😀 I spent 10 years lactating… from first baby to 3rd… all nursed for at the minimum of 3 years and all co-slept until about 5 yrs old. My children are now 17, 13, and 10. They do attend public school (even though I'd rather homeschool them) with a religious vaccine exemption. They barely ever miss a day of school due to illness. Anyways, I'm so happy that I decided not to vaccinate and stuck with it! It was hard at first… but, I was strong. I do not regret that decision one bit! And even though I already have my mind up, I, like you, still research… because, how am I supposed to educate others if I don't keep up with current events?

Malene Jensen says:

You are a true role model, thank you for sharing.

the bradley Craft says:

Nature!!! In God we believe
Because God is not something made up by people to manipulate people and give hope for something better

the bradley Craft says:

I totally agree we are the smart people I mean doctors just had to get like the best grades in class and study for their basic Medicare diploma 5 years and for specialization another 5 years and we smart people a fireman are much smarter and the doctors are just out for money not like they are people and care about people no that's not possible

Amber Hord says:

Good information

moamen abdelbaky says:

I am against vaccines my daughter is due for her 1st round of vaccines soon and I'm trying to convince her we should not and left her to make that decision. I would live for you to talk to her !

Tonya Little says:

This was amazing! <3

The Dazzling Dolphin says:

I wish my mom didn't vaccinate me.

Chel Stith says:

Good for you for doing the research and speaking out about it.

Blue Angel says:

my 8 years old boy is autistic. he was healthy and normal. after 6 months old and gave mmr shot his development interrupted. and he became non verbal now.. now we have baby girl. and we are not vaccinating her. they ask us the reason. and we signed that religious reason. we are in MD.

Harout Semizyan says:

We have forced Vaccination now in California. I am going nuts over this, i don't vaccinate my kids anymore. This is facizm, We are not chickens.

Disclosurer Radio says:

The combination of toxicity is the problem and the lack of testing .

David Wolfe calls for proper vaccine testing, meaning: double blind, placebo
controlled, crossover studies that match the same high standards as all
other pharmaceutical drug testing.

Disclosurer Radio says:

Doctors today have been indoctrinated in pharmaceutical medicine that
does not work. Many have less than 8 hours studies in nutrition and have
very little understand in the causative factor of diseases we see

If you want to see what a real Doctor looks like? Google Functional

Autism is Now 1 and 45

We have discovered that All Baby Formula's are high in Aluminum &

YES! – ALL Baby Formula!
We already know vaccines are a causative factor in Autism covered up by
the CDC. But, Know one is talking about the toxic amounts of Aluminum
& Fluoride being added to Baby formula's?
Fluoride added to infant Formula's can causes Aluminum to be more
bio-available to the brain. Infants are more vulnerable to fluoride
toxicity as they have limited detoxification abilities.

These poor babies consume Aluminum & Fluoride in their formula

Next, Doctors inject these infants with vaccines loaded with more toxic
metals. These babies go home and continues to consume toxic formula

The same pathological changes found in Alzheimer's patients is also seen
in brain tissue in Autism.

Fluoride has been declared lethal to brain development. Yet it's in all
baby Formula's..This is Genocide people..

Ask your Doctor – Why Are They Adding Toxic Fluoride to baby formula's?

You will be shock at the lack of knowledge most Doctors have in the
causative factor of diseases.

Noelle P says:

thank you so much for sharing! We are battling pertussis infection and watching videos like these has given us the courage to share on video our whooping cough story as we're going through it right now with three children under the age of 5. check out our channel to hear our story and how we have successfully used high doses of vitamin c to greatly lessen the severity and intensity of our coughing fits. including our 3 1/2 month old infant!

Danielle Purificato says:

Love what you are doing… keep it up.. these other people just don't get it… so closed minded and still asleep unfortunately…

Kristen Carvajal says:

thank you for your boldness and bravery ..sharing this is so powerful! sadly i was pressured and bullied before I knew any better and my daughter has experienced some side affects and i know for a fact its from the vaccines. Wish more parents and people would begin to believe us mommas and our "intuition"

Watcher 77 says:

God bless you Brittney – we cannot drug our bodies into good  health!!!!TRUST THE LORD – ALL NATURAL IS WHAT HE WANTS US TO DO

Liz Higgins says:

Minute 10 – yes yes yes!! Whole video – YES!

Liz Higgins says:

Keep up the good work, Brittney! I am the geeky, organic, non-toxic mom that gets made fun of too. And like you, my goal is to reduce my baby's toxic exposure! YAY!! Thanks for putting this out there! :)

Lindy Combs says:

This could be life changing for the right viewers. Thank you, Brittany for this presentation. I am ON YOUR PAGE OF LIFE!! YES!!

Laura Coulter says:

Excellent. The body needs to gain the experience and even when exposed, not everyone will get the infection but you will still gain immunity just through that exposure. That's true herd immunity.

Alma Anderson says:

Loved it! =D You guys are doing great! Thank you for bringing awareness to humanity-we need more!

1.618 Tony says:

Read the vaccine inserts. (Ignorance is forbidden)

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