Master Bedroom Design Process!

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Fargy86 says:

I really think your house will look amazing. Everything you have chosen has been really nice. I cant wait to see it but also im really happy that all your hard work and dreams will finally be there to be enjoyed

Rosie Dixon says:

I love ur vids

hazeldream1984 says:

I love seeing the house in pieces and can't wait for the finished product.

Slideshow Lover 51 says:

Ellie love your shirt where did you get it!!

While They Were Napping says:

yes beautiful house, but can I just comment on your beautiful makeup in this? so pretty ellie ✨

Natalie Ramsey says:

please make a vlog with the builders. I so instead to see who building your home

Kenzie Ruby says:

Can you plz do a makeup collection

Dani C L says:

GORGEOUS!! Your style is classic and beautiful!

Katie Edwards says:

Is there any way to know how much your house will cost? I want to build a custom home as well, but I'm not sure how to tell what the final cost will be until it is done being built.

Skylar Hope says:

This is so fun! I cannot wait until I get to build a house (Or remodel one)!

Catie Mason says:

Things are coming together nice looks like it

Double The Bumps says:

Ellie totally off subject of this video but could you do a on how to deal with new hair growth after baby when your hair falls out! it's the worse but can you hit on like what colors to dye it based on your current color & what to do as in styling etc. I've put rosemary esstial oil in my shampoo to help it grow faster but and had 3 hair cuts and colors since baby but that's all I've done so far!?

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