How To Remove Nicotine Smoke Stains From Fingers – Fast – Easy – Guaranteed – Darryl Learie.avi

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How To Remove Nicotine Smoke Stains From Fingers – Fast – Easy – Guaranteed – Darryl Learie

1. Please Remember some people have very sensitive skin – Try at your own discretion. And rinse your hands immediately with lots of water, Do not do this if you have cuts on your skin.


Shane Berry says:

youre stupid as fuck haha. 90% water 10% bleach. works the exact same. dont promote this

Mark Brennan says:

Not many places sell thin bleach these days. Funny tha we all call it nicotine stains, but Iguess they are really tar stains as nicotine is colourless.

The _ Jake says:

Why would you worry about toxins getting in your lungs when you smoke anyway haha

Lee Walker says:

and its not using any bleach at all

Lee Walker says:

i know a ten times better way than that and it removes all tar stains

Jackyblue67 Same says:

People that roll their own cigs get these stains worse I think so anyhow.


bro thankyou for this tip it is working .. i can tell watch out your clothes as an additional tip .

DigitalGuy says:

Bro! This worked like a charm. Got 100% off my fingers in 10 minutes with Clorox. Thanks for the tip..

Amanda Walde says:

just a heads up for the ladies, try your damndist not to soak your artificial nails in bleach mixtures! just scrub the stains,it still works just more carefully.

Ava. Lunar.Geisha says:

Yes people with even remotely sensitive body skin shouldn't use bleach, I worked with bleach and some people would get nasty burns from the stuff, I'd hate to see what would happen if they soaked their hands in it? Not good, it didn't usually affect me, but sometimes I'd get a small burn on the thinner skin but never my hands so hopefully this will work for me, kind of scared though bc bleach burns do hurt

Harry Ballzonya says:

The worst two kinds of folks to deal with IF you are a smoker is 1) A
person who smoked and has quit 2) A person who has never smoked. I smoke
and I wish every day that I could quit. They talk about drugs and how
powerfully addicting Heroin or Coke is. I don't think there is an
addiction any more powerful than nicotine. The harder I try to quit,
it's that much more I smoke! I hate myself for letting something so
dangerous control my life :(

AffinitiGaming says:

Ajax and a scourer works just as well too

Miriam Linares says:

Thanks for this

Mo' Vader (Mo B) says:

I smoke I have never got stains on my fingers…

Just try washing your hands more regularly

ALTP13 says:

CAREFUL WITH THIS. It works perfectly but I did give myself chemical burns in the process so I had to soak my hands in lemon juice for an hour.

nicola priest says:

doesn't it say on the bleach bottle do not have contact with skin. your daft lol

Mark Prospect says:

stick your fingers up your womens cnt and rub it like a greyhound does the trick

Clove Land says:

I cleaned my fingers just like you said while watching your video and VOILA, stains gone. Thanks buddy, your a champ ;-)

UKSID1 says:

I roll my own Cigs with no filters and this is the only way!!… but I just put the bleach on a rag and rub away…My fingers were a lot worse then the guy in the vid

Suge Knight says:

how dumb at least I lost some brain cells watching this

IceKarma says:

A cheap pumice stone and water is all you need. No chemicals at all and it works instantly.

Darko Marjanović says:

People if cigarettes do this to your fingers imagine what I'd does to your lungs. I mean what in the actual fuck? This guy has to put his hands in fucking bleach to remove the stains from his fingers… And he is still gonna continue to smoke? What the fuck is wrong with him? I hope you smokers like chemo therapy…

Swavenation613 says:

Lmao omg boys.. Just cut down on the cigarettes fer fucksakes

mrdubcrazy says:

How do i get black tar off my tongue??????????

wildchild67 youkknowit says:

Thank you for posting this on YT

Thug Nificent says:

Another way to remove the stains is to stop smoking.

DJ-Menace says:

pumy stone works with vinegar

Phil Whisenant says:

Thanks! Going to give this a try in a bit!!

Ryan Ianaro says:

Baking soda works very well…. Apply, scrub semi hard with cloth or brush, rinse and repeat once again and stains are gone! 

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