CA Students Sent Home Over No Proof of Vaccination

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–Many Sacramento, California area students were sent home from school after they showed up for kindergarten and seventh grade without proof of vaccination

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Broadcast on August 17, 2016


Pumpkin Cat says:

I'm for mandatory vaccination. I do not think that parents should get to refuse a medical procedure that prevents children from getting an illness that could kill them based on their uneducated views.
I agree, I too am against forced medical procedures, people get to do what they want. But children can't make those decisions. And as we see in USA now, their parents can't either. They base the safety of their children on their religious beliefs and refuse vaccination based on those beliefs. And that is disturbing beyond belief.

I am from Latvia. It is a small country in Eastern Europe. Vaccination there is obligatory. You must vaccinate your children and you don't get to choose to ignore their health based on anything. These vaccines are there to protect children from harmful diseases that can be and are prevented with vaccination. I've been vaccinated and I'm 22 now, that is how long this has been a mandatory thing for us. Guess what? We don't have any crazy illnesses caused by vaccinations. And we also don't have children of idiotic parents giving severe illnesses to babies that are yet to be vaccinated. Because everyone is vaccinated.

And it might sound weird, it might seem like a lack of freedom, but I wouldn't want it any other way. I do NOT consider the choice to hurt children a "freedom" in any sense. And not vaccinating your children = hurting them. And these idiots make that decision based on bullshit their preast told them. Stupid beyond belief.

Daiki Furatani says:

you stupid zombies dont even know what is going on with these demonic vaccines…dumb sheep.

Vostera Deadeye says:

GOOD. do this everywhere. Fuck off you anti science cunts.

Robyn Palumbo says:

This law did not just remove religious exemptions. We wouldn't have had a crisis if it were only religious exemptions. Our state began allowing "personal belief" exemptions. A parent could say they're against chemicals, and refrain from vaccinating.. So we began having hotbeds of non immunized children in the ritzy areas… such as Beverly Hills and Marin. They think they are smarter than the doctors. Want skeptical parents to trust the vaccines? Get $$$ out of politics.

Elsie Gregg says:

I don't get how this is news worthy. This is nothing new here. Even if kids didn't get yearly flu shots they'd be suspended until they did.

Lynn Alba says:

My son was born normal healthy baby boy after all those shots,he was never able to walk or talk,he passed away at 18years old,l tell my daughter now home school them no shots, lm telling u ,what happened to my son Johnny it mite not happen to every child but it does destroy some kids,I pray it's not yours,

Vince Anthony says:

Very good!

rationalguy says:

This has been the case with most schools for decades. We had to have proof-of-vaccination to enroll our kids in any school back in the '70s. There was never an exemption in my state, Utah. Anti-vaxxers are selfish with no thought for society, just themselves and their false ideas.

Dragon1717 says:

Great thinking California! Now instead of being in classrooms learning like they are supposed to be doing, scores of kids are out of school as "non-compliant" with these unusually stringent and arbitrary rules.

Homer Simon says:

I'm mostly a troll and like to make shit up just to argue and piss people off but dog dam son this something I completely agree with…although I could make shit up for days to troll people with

TruthDecay says:

"Hillary's Stools" was the top trending tweet yesterday LMAOOO the jig is up!!!

DarthCipient says:

I know this type of parent.

Seriously, take your Indigo Child and fuck off.

pointmanzero says:

if only we could vaccinate against stupidity

D Mc says:

Good. We don't need unnecessary outbreaks of disease.

Emery Kennedy says:

President Obama didn't cave on the Stimulus, TYT!!! In which the stimulus stopped the 800,000 job lost a month free fall nor Dodd Frank in which you "all or nothing whiny babies" also belittle. The Consumer protection agency was Elizabeth Warren's idea and Obama signed it into law. Take that for progressive. You act like he didn't do jack squat. From what he had to deal with it was a miracle. He didn't cave on Obamacare during the 15 day government shut down and all of this despite never having a "REAL" SUPER MAJORITY and a gerrymandered congress. Keep in mind that for 2 years Obama kept fluctuating from 58 to 60 seats in congress thanks to old democrats who kept getting sick and or dying. Despite Republicans gerrymandering the 2010 elections and the fact that Obama never had a majority in Congress, Obama still got healthcare reform passed something that Presidents from the 50’s to Bill Clinton couldn’t pass, killed Osama Bin laden, Obama's stimulus stopped the 800,000 job lost a month free fall which added 70 months straight of consecutive job growth 14 million jobs created in all, Wall Street reform, Student Loan reform, Credit Card reform, Fair Act Reform, Raised Taxes on the Rich on Jan 2013, Ordered 65 executives who took bailout money to cut their own pay until they paid back all bailout money. Within his first week, he signed an Executive Order ordering an audit of government contracts, and combating waste and abuse. Oversaw the creation of more jobs in 2010 alone than Bush did in his whole eight years.

The strike on Libya was France, Lebanon's and the U.K.'s idea they were the ones that proposed the resolution to the U.N. even the Arab League of Nations supported it and Obama only joined in. Why don't TYT talk about them instead of putting it all on President Obama. I am also fed up with TYT's "All or nothing attitude" knowing that lazy Americans, particularly Democrats, didn't vote in the 2010 midterms. Why don't you Arab Muslims talk smack about the Arab League of Nations intervening in Libya?!! The goal wasn't to stop a dictator and do a regime change that is a lie. The dictator in Libya lied to the U.N. promising to stop their assault and advancement on the town. The dictator agreed, but the rapes and killing of innocent people continued and that's when the U.N acted. If the U.N. isn't allowed to step in during an assault like that, THEN WHAT THE HECK ARE THEY USED FOR THEN?!!!! Obama is no more guilty than the Arab League of nations joining in.

Kyle Beck says:

this is a great thing. I know I don't want my kids being other kids that are not

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