Best emotional advertisement ever

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Ravi Tolani says:

the brilliant ad.. awesome

Ravi Tolani says:

the ad was awesome

TZtenzin csgo&CoD says:

title is english, video should be too.

Saleem Samdani says:

very good one, is it a respect towards Guy (Cow) Lets show same ATTITUDE TOWARDS HUMANS.

Mobasshir Mohammad says:

seriously man?

Rahul Rajeev says:

I am still crying……



Sourav S says:

too short for an ad… thoda aur bada hota toh maza aata :)

Karma Karma says:

bakwas ad.. matches the design of the car

Arjun Kataria says:

that doctor guy is me in future

rohit anand says:

hahahhahahahah….khushi k aansu… hahahhahaa… the best cow ad ever

Sandeep Dubey says:

Gau sewa

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