Before and After Weight Loss Surgery: Melanie’s Story (VSG Gastric Sleeve)

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Weight Loss Forever Video. Before and After Weight Loss Surgery. Melanie’s Story: How I went from 225lbs to 123lbs thanks to my sleeve!


Divana Hartson says:

You look awesome. I was wondering if you had any sagging skin and if you did how did you get rid of it?

MiaCristy's World says:

I am seriously thinking of doing good this…I have been up and down for about 5 years…I never let anyone pictures of me because I feel ashamed of how I look..I'm constantly on some sort of diet and then gain it all back…I'm hope you have results like you!! you look amazing!

yellowmoon says:

Simply beautiful!

Nancy Kessler says:

You were beautiful before surgery. Truly…I am so happy for you!!! I weighed a whopping 248 at my highest, obviously too much for a woman 5'7" tall. You give me hope…I never had a weight issue until I had kids. I realize I will never be 25 again, but, I, too, want to ride the roller coaster. So thank you so much. YOu brought tears of hope to my eyes. Much Love, Nancy K.

Paige O says:

So inspiring!! This sounds almost exactly how I have been for the last 4 or 5 years. I hope to be on the other side, like you, soon!!!

Adrianne Jefferson says:


donnaconrad1 says:

You are my Inspiration!

Heather Allen says:

You don't have any loose skin how is this possible?

Anita Outlaw says:

Thank you for sharing. Love your story

Cindy Reyes says:

wow! u look amazing! thanks for sharing your story!

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