Android App Development for Beginners – 24 – Designing the Top Fragment

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Aksh Gautam says:

why do we need to create the button and text boxes in text view when it can be easily done in design view or was it to make us understand about the attributes?

Kyle Stankovich says:

I prefer Visual Studio and C#. I am using that and still following along perfectly fine lol.

franky says:

One Question Bucky. I have read that today common practice of building functions inside of the parameter area is a very nice compact way of coding, however it add a lot of extra load to the processors during running. this might be one of the reasons of slow programs, webpages, script, etc.. can you comment on this? thanks

Roei Edri says:

why didnt you edit the xml file through the xml editor?

AJ213 says:

carefully guys bucky can be scary, his voice can hypnotize you… 0.0

Ajesh DS says:

Is it okay if we use the option that is already available in the 'New' option to create a fragment?

Alex Hoang says:

dude, you srly need to set your audio louder, it's too small, whenver I switch from your video to anything else, it kills my ears ~ ~


Munkh-Erdene Nasan says:


… />

correct me if i'm wrong. this one is wrong. should be like below one.


… />

can you see the difference? "@+id/someId" means add "someId" and "@id/someId" means select/retrieve "someId".

it is not a critical, mind blowing, life threatening mistake. but it's bad to teach/learn wrong stuff.

Khan Shadab says:

Bro Why Don't You Just Use "Design" And Just Drag and Drop the Widgets instead of typing whole xml . Well I Did it and it Worked

zunayed harun says:

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