Gastric Sleeve Surgery 2016 Hospital Angeles Weight Loss Surgery

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I had Gastric Sleeve Surgery January 25th 2016 in Tijuana, Mexico at Hospital Angeles.


Vicki Linger says:

I also live in Dallas and finding it difficult going through the process here. They had me do an expensive test and now want me to do another one before the surgery and that is outside the $13,000 for the surgery itself. You mentioned going to Mexico. Can you recommend who to contact to go that route? My husband is concerned for my safety.

Ada Uzoma says:

I love you and your friends' humor throughout and how you made this video documentary style! Thank you!!

missb19822010 says:

I'm having the sleeve next week. your video is by far the most thorough of the hospital process. thanks a bunch!

eKimberly Craig says:

I'm having the same surgery on Aug. 1st. I want to say thank you and your videos have helped me mentally to prepare for my journey my current weight is 600 lbs and I'm taking this step to save my life. 

jaxpropertypros poe says:


Kari VSG says:

Thank you for sharing your video It helps me understand what i have to look forward to in November when I have my surgery. I blog on here too

Dave Bowers says:

It funny how some political say that all Mexico has to offer is murderers and rapist. I am having gastric sleeve in Minnesota in Oct 2016. I hope I am treated as well as the Mexican hospital

Ursula Edmonds says:

Thank you for sharing your experience! That helped me a lot, I'm due for surgery in less than a month.

Renata Paz Allendes says:

You are amaaazing!!! I loved your video. You are very funny and super "Telegénico" that in Spanish means that you look very good in TV. Thank you for taking the time of showing this!

Kevin Morin says:

Thank you for this video. Was informative about the process and lowered my anxiety a little bit.

Sharlet Armstrong says:

Oh my golly! That little red light vein finder is awesome. I have tiny little veins that are hidden under tons of fat. I always wind up with many sticks and severe bruises.

Dell Optiplex says:

Thank you very much for this experince.

Susie hodgins says:

How long were you actually in the hospital and how much we're all your meds?

Cheryl Boutz says:

just subscribed to your channel. this was up late lastnight watching this. I haven't had my surgery yet but this made me look forward to it even more, knowing what to expect. I have a seminar I have to attend, then my Dr's visit. so it's a ways off yet. thanks again, and I hope you continue to have great success with this journey.

santa sanchez says:

Thank you very much for this video it was very informative. You are sooooooo funny, I loved it.

Lydia Ramirez says:

Thank you Russell. I will let you know how everything went!

Lydia Ramirez says:

Hi Russell Richey, I love your video. I'm scheduled to have my sleeve gastric surgery next week in Mexico and I am so scared! But I'm very excited to have made this new lifelong change. I wanted to know how long did the surgery last? Thank you

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