WHAT THE ALIENS LOOK LIKE (The Universe, Space, Science, Mysteries) Documentary

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Scientists speculate on what higher life forms might look like on planets with environments different from earth.
Director: John Greenewald Jr.
Writer: John Greenewald Jr.
Star: Erik Thompson


Dano Duncan says:

HEY John Greenewald Jr. !…  Tommy Lee Jones called… he wants his face back !…

Cathyx Cat says:

Aliens??!!! Its a pure science fiction not realistic evidence or is it just our imagination. Thanks but these alines would live in future after humans, it takes millions of years to create something new on planet. As it was before, look at the era of dinosaurs. There is something to think about.

William Skinner says:

Phoenixash. Thanks for your comment, it is so relevant. I must try to remember it for a least a week!

William Skinner says:

Most of these fantasies have already been explored by science fiction writers. In the unlikely event that we ever discover alien life it will blow all these ideas out of the water. They only exist in the human mind and are conditioned by uniquely human prejudices and preconceptions. Perhaps these 'scientists' should really all be writing novels!

DST940621 says:

The word "billions" is said over 20 times in every documentary that I've watched on this channel. It gets annoying!

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