Life upate: Chemotherapy?

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Ha! Who needs a proper introductory? Not me apparently. I promise that once I get things in more order I will start using my actual camera and have better quality. Can’t quite remember if I forgot to mention that we might have to do chemotherapy simply because they want to try to preserve/save my kidneys if there’s any way possible. If not, then we’ll do a transplant. Also found out that they want to take me to get my eggs preserved for the future because chemo has many life altering side affects with infertility being one of them. What I found out recently is that Chemotherapy can cause hair loss, infertility, being sick all the time, and even different types of cancer because the medicine shuts down your immune system. But I am willing to do whatever it takes to try to fight this and be as “healthy” as possible! The amount of people showering me with positive words and the support I receive daily is the main reason I fight so hard to be positive! This is also Lupus awareness month if you were not aware, so PLEASE share this video so maybe one day we can find a cure for lupus and help everyone be aware of how serious it is. I may be a pretty bad case with this Lupus, but either way I’m going to try to live my life in the fullest! I start college in the Fall and I have so many goals and dreams that I refuse to let anyone or anything get in the way of me achieving ! 🙂 P.S. sorry for the terrible audio quality )-:


Kirsten says:

I love you so much Lexi. Gosh I'm so proud of you. 

thebelle156 says:

I live in rhode island I have seen every rheumatologist every time when I go to make a appointment they tell me the doctor cannot see you because you were a patient of his collgue

thebelle156 says:

The butterlfly rash my skin is very bad u can't go out in the sun I never go out when I seen the doctor for my jar when he took the blood it cam back I had lupus and it was flaring up bad I'm 21 I look like I'm 10 it makes u not want to eat cause the pain I was 110 now I'm 85 pounds because my lupus flares make me vomit for any where to 2 hours straight.

Mucking Fadness says:

You inspire me so much. I wish I was strong as you. You are an amazing human being and I know you'll get through all of it. Take care, I love you… :)

thebelle156 says:

I meant jra

thebelle156 says:

Do they give u pain medicine I had jar since 9 at 14 systemic and discoid lupus which it one of the worst cases my doctors ever seen I'm due soon for two hip replacements it took years for them to give me pain medicine since I was nine I was always giving morphine through pump and ivy then they started not caring they swept me under the rug because they didn't know what to do with me u have no idea I just want to die sometimes finally at home I take 60mg morphine pills 4 times a day and the Vicodin the same dose they really don't give I shite the docs they just give me my pain mess that to years of fighting to get they hardly ever check me that's what u call horrible medical care

little ghouls says:

im glad to see that youre staying strong princess ❤️ sending positive and healing vibes your way ;3; 

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