Vaccination shot of my baby girl at 6 months and 1 year

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This video is about my baby girl’s vaccination shot at six months and one year.
Shots at 6 months are:
Diphtheria-tetanus-whooping cough-hepatitis B-polio-Hib
Shots at one year are:
Pneumococcus, Meningococcus C, Measles-mumps-rubella-chicken pox


Shelly Monson says:

If the 3rd shot was the MMA she gave it wrong! It's at 45 degree angle not IM

MONICA Komorek says:

She is the sweetest little thing…broke my heart!

Zekerias Varg says:

Vaccinate to get the brain damaged kids to fill upp the society with autism, allergia and sickness. Its a fraud that have become a religion.

Marissa Yvette says:

I noticed the women giving the vaccines, had no gloves on 

Be Sweet to Babies says:

Research shows that breastfeeding and/or small amounts of sugar water effectively reduce pain during vaccinations in infants and that holding toddlers upright and using distraction (bubbles, pinwheels) helps to reduce pain!!

Watch this video: Baby vaccination; the secret to a calm and peaceful immunization!

From the Be Sweet to Babies Team, Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario(CHEO), CHEO Research Institute, University of Ottawa

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