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Parilee Bijou says:

i agree with having humanoid robots caring for our elderly and our children and any person without a"voice' that has a high potential to be the victim of abuse. if worked correctly, implementing robots in the daily lives of anyone with a risk factor to be physically and/or mentally abused by another human could not just block the current abuse but stop future abuse with a long term effect being eradicating abuse altogether. its a step in the right direction with regard to a stable future.

Summer Durska says:

I agree with jdmac44. I do not want to go into a nursing home. There is no one else. As far as humans go, they have let many down and people. I would only hope that the elderly could have this at a very good price. Or free since aging is a disability in it' self, this could allow people to live on there own if they so choose, rather than a nursing home. Just a thought

Dimitris Ladakis says:

The question is will the robots ever become self aware, what we see is just a human simulation with no self awareness, is self awareness a matter of complexity? Will we ever be able to create self aware robots maybe with different hardware or algorythms

Parham Prince “The Aviator” Jazaee says:

Robots can soon read your next move,words within 3.2 nanoseconds before you even take the actual step.
Everything stored in a huge database connected to a receiver in every robots brain.
They are made to be superior and when they realize that,we will not be able to stop them.
They will be able to recreat themselves,becoming even stronger and bigger.

This if anything can be the end of the world if no one takes action.
Guns can now also be printed out and also that goes through electronic devices ,as you can see almost everything is runned electronically.

Soon it will be time to arm yourselves,all these unnecessary wars going on.
The real war has yet not begun.

jdmac44 says:

With respect to the point of needing robots to take care of people, let me tell you that economics is already driving the demand.  I lost my mother to cancer two years ago in May and I watched her suffer far too much because the nursing home that she was staying at was limited in the qualified staff to administer medication to the floor of patients, meaning that her pain meds would begin to wear off long before they got around to giving her a new dose and administering them late made the cycle of pain harder to control.  This is not an uncommon problem, so whether or not we want to acknowledge whether we should surrender care giving to robots or not…the need is already there, desperately.

Batmanjim 85 says:

What he got it so wrong humans did not create the terminators it was skynet it became self aware

lskulski says:

If they want a cute robot, make it fuzzy and cute. The ones that look like kids are just creepy. I would either want a robot that looked like a stereotyped robot or one that looks cute and more like a teddy bear than a person. I mean look at Leonardo the robot. HE IS ADORABLE. Like a combination of a mohawk and an ewok. He doesn't talk but he is one the most advances when it comes to learning based on what other people do around it.

MusiCover says:

the woman bashing on the idea of social robots, apparently doesn't know anything about AI and future possibilities of electronic "soul"… what an ego you must have, ha?
people don't know where their consciousness emerged from and yet – "robots… baaaaaad"

Harrison Sherman says:

I don't think any of us can truly say with any amount of confidence that we know for certain the difference between instinct and free will. Thus this is a moot point. However, it does beg the question: who are we? what are we? is free will the illusion, or is it merely our perception which creates an illusion of existence? Research in particle physics and neuroscience suggests that things only exist to us from our perception of them existing, and the things we know are changing always.

EasternMerchant says:

OMG that lovely grad student with the black curly hair has a striking resemblance to the famous 1970's pop singer Karen Carpenter before she became anorexic .

Timothy J. Hanrahan says:

But the instinct to discover and explore leads to learning, learning leads to knowledge and knowledge gets us to the moons. by whatever means we do it by the end, we must inevitably conclude that instinct is key in forming our choices in life.

1234HenryTaylor says:

But to build a rocket is something beyond instinct. It is in the area of learning through trial and error through empirical evidence. If a robot can do this unassisted and without any prior programming (or instinct) then it would be considered 'self-aware'.

1234HenryTaylor says:

Yes, curiosity may be an innate behaviour or instinct of humans. But to build a rocket does not require instinct. Instinct can be defined as any behavior that is performed without being based upon prior experience (that is, in the absence of learning), and is therefore an expression of innate biological factors. For example, a sea turtle that has just hatched will INSTINCTIVELY try make its way to the ocean. In human babies, they have INSTINCTIVELY suckle their mother's breast (TO BE CONTINUED)

Timothy J. Hanrahan says:

Actually yes – curiosity could be pivotal to an animal's survival, if (in a society) the groups have those that go forth and 'test the waters', those with curiosity, it paths the way for others to tread safely in their footsteps – however with the domestic application of this survival trait we have become obsessed with unlocking every possible secret set before us. like a desert wasp obsesivley scouting its nest, natural instincts have taken on acentric new forms.

1234HenryTaylor says:

You telling me that humans had the instincts to build rockets and split the atom all along??

Timothy J. Hanrahan says:

Free will is an illusion – we act upon our instincts just as the robot acts upon its programming.

1234HenryTaylor says:

But what if the creator allowed the machine free will??

Timothy J. Hanrahan says:

Any man able to create something like this can not be so cruel. cruelty despises knowledge and endeavour in favour of hate and chaos.

Nekogami-Crystal says:

then let us not make robots whit dicks!

K.A.S Music Ann Arbor says:

I love Phil's evil smile at the end 😉

Zelda Sanctuary says:

Watch out, we've got a badass over here… Oh wait… xD

Timothy J. Hanrahan says:

By that logic its gonna try and fuck me before it tries to kill me.

Park Jae-sang says:

they pick up info from internet as well?…

aqwertgbvcxz says:

You don't see the complications but being a computer engineer, I know what they can be capable of in a very short period of time.

Timothy J. Hanrahan says:

why? – they only know what you program within them – as a person who wants robot servants i see the idea of giving robots the feeling that to serve is like having a party to a person – they will always be attentative and never want for more.

aqwertgbvcxz says:

Ofcourse some day the robots would want independance and freedom.

Lee Cant says:

"Phill" reminds me of the 'The Most Interesting Man in the World' – "I dont always talk to humans, but when i do, i speak in riddles"

Creston Rodney says:

Man: Do you think robots will take over the world.

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