Zero to App: Develop with Firebase – Google I/O 2016

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Firebase helps mobile and web developers create extraordinary apps. It abstracts complex infrastructure and simplifies the development process. By using Firebase, developers can build the best user experience in the shortest amount of time, all without having to spin up servers or manage infrastructure. We explore how Firebase authenticates users and synchronizes data by creating an app on stage. You’ll experience first hand how easy it is to build with Firebase!

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Maher Alrowizen says:

thank you all for this work 🙂 +Mike Mcdonald it really coool to make more better apps

jasonc_tutorials says:

defo using firebase on my next app.

subodh garg says:

Hi Mike, This is so cool !!
Is Firebase also planning to add support of features like Notifications, AdMob, Crash Reporting, Dynamic links etc. for hybrid apps too, like those made using Ionic in coming future?

somex gupta (max) says:

i am unable to get the layout files
send me link to layout file

Bishwajit Nepali says:

Hie Mike we saw the chat app from previous Firebase as well, can we please some app just populating Recyclerview using the list of data from firebase e.g. News App or any. I assume the FirebaseRecyclerAdapter is also being used still. That would be nice …

Lore says:

Stellar work there eveoyrne. I’ll keep on reading.

Narayan Babu says:

At 27:55 what does she say after vision API? Copper Netease filter? What is that?

Rahul Abhishek says:

Hey Mike and other devs here! Wanted to ask you I was making an app with node.js using MEAN stack but now I wan to use firebase for most of it but I'm confused if it'll work fine with MEAN stack and node.js?
ps. yes, mongoDB would totally be replaced though.

Arden Jay Dela Cruz says:

This is so cool! Waiting for the github repo

Programa 2 says:

github code please :)

Sergio Barrera says:

Yeah! From zero to app this weekend!

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