Top 10 Most AWESOME Robots Until 2016

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Top 10 Most Awesome Robots Until 2016



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Top 10 Most Awesome Robots Until 2016


poxdaccy says:

please remove anything from NASA as it is fake and misleading

Ragnaros Gaming says:

The tumbnale is jetfire from transformers 2 rotf

al de says:

Curiosity not robot i think..

petzipetzi1 says:

Old Reupload from other Channels!!
This Sucks!!

pete a says:

first one looks like a cod zombie

Andrew Gonzalez says:

I don't think they should put human like skin on a robot, just makes them look like really creepy barbies.

Christian Müller says:

Very cool :)

Marcus Jordan says:

the cheetah robot is MIT technology


Still not there yet…..

Nikolai Beleskis says:

YouTube, YouTube ..

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