Plastic Surgery Arm Lift after weight loss

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This plastic surgery video by, Dr. Michael J. Brown. is on a patient who had major weight loss and would like to remove the excess skin from her arms using plastic surgery.


Alyana Drua says:

Wow! She looks amazing!!

Fkls3 says:

Your videos are very informative. Excellent work!

Maria Roman says:

are you in houston? can lipo be done at same time the arm surgery?

wiwi salim says:

professional work…

Barbara Mowrey says:

Wow, I lost 10 lbs from 125 to 115 and a vegan. My skin is loose, it twists when I turn my arm, gross. I was bitten by a Hobo spider & it still hurts one yr later. I was a vegetarian for 30 yrs prior. I don't understand it. I am a singer & was all my life, out of the sun, still the same, but 10 lbs shouldn't do this to me.wasn't there prior to being bitten. Looks like I lost 50 lbs, but no I didn't. Love your surgery.

kickass knight says:

this doc is a pro

very good job

Mrs Green Green (Boo) says:

Great job

Keysha Bass says:

Holy smokes! You look excellent!

Joe Colombo says:

how much does this cost

Elisa Petras says:

Beautiful work. 

R&R Venture says:

WOW! This is definitely what I want to get done. Can arm and implants be done at the same time?

MissQueenBee85 says:

Looks good

Hinde Smadi says:

Good work doctor.

Dianne Bencivenga says:

Wow she looks great!! Amazing job. I am currently lossing weight and by the time I reach 130lbs lost I plan on getting surgery for arms and tummy, now with strech marks I have them on my stomach with the extra skin is there a wa ghost for the st rech marks to be removed? I currently live in va so I may go to you! 

wbsmile says:

does this displace/affect the sweat glands?

Michael J. Brown says:

Yes, the arms should be elevated and extended. The arms will be sore and uncomfortable but well controlled with pain medication.

Michael J. Brown says:

Thank you. The fees are variable but can range from $4,500 to $6,000 USD.

roy rached says:

Any pain after the surgery ?

G-rad gb says:

wow great work honey !!

Michael J. Brown says:

I would be happy to meet with you, if you like.

Michael J. Brown says:

My primary office is near Washington, DC in Virginia. If you search for my name you will find it on Google.



Michael J. Brown says:

The expense depends on the time. All arms are a bit different.

Sonya C 2 says:

Dr Brown you did an awesome job on this lady. My surgery is on Sept 12 in Kentucky

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