10 Famous People Who Dated UNDERAGE People

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10 Celebrities who dated and fell in love with young girls in Hollywood! Subscribe: https://goo.gl/Hnoaw3
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Dating in Hollywood is always complicated. First off, you’re in the public eye and everyone is watching your every move including the paparazzi and tabloid magazines. That’s a lot of pressure for just a single person. Can you imagine what that would be like for any type of famous couple?

People then begin to judge your relationship or make comments on who you decide to date. The dating life is always difficult, but as a celebrity, it’s a million times worse. Just look at how crazy one’s relationship can be. There’re cheating scandals like recently with Beyoncé and Jay-Z. Most Hollywood couples are somewhat dysfunctional and there are still a few couples could live a normal life as celebrities.

You can’t always blame your fame on your actions when dating. Some celebrities can go a little overboard when in the limelight. They’re dating from left to right like Taylor Swift or getting caught with sleeping with fans. There’s always going to be drama with celebrity gossip. But when do celebrities take it too far?

Some stars can’t seem to help themselves when they’re in the dating world though. Is it just us or are the age gaps sometimes out of control? We know age is just a number and some celebrity couples with many years between them have had happy relationships and even marriages. But there are some men who would rather date women a whole generation younger than them. And by young, it’s actually really young like underage girls.

It’s already disturbing to see men date young ladies or teenagers at such a vulnerable time. There’s plenty of women out there who can date any of these men. Do they just have a type?
We don’t understand why, but sometimes ladies like to date older men as well.

Everyone has a type – sometimes you can’t fix love. From Chad Michael Murray to Kobe Bryant, all these stars have at least one dating encounter with an underage girl. We just can’t believe how some of these relationships get serious so fast. And it’s even more interesting that these relationships happened when these men were famous.

It seems like this strange trend in Hollywood is not going anywhere. Again, there’s nothing wrong with an age gap, but dating a girl under 18 seems a bit overboard. Get ready to be surprised when you learn about these 10 famous people who dated underage girls.

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Zeli Gomez says:

"Age shouldn't matter" really irks me….it's not solely the ages of the individuals, but mental age is what's extremely important especially if one of the partners is SIGNIFICANTLY older. Why are people over 20 interested in kids under 18? What do they have in common enough to build a relationship? I don't mean like a 24 year old and an 18 year old, but like 25+ and -18? Really..?

SkinnyKitchen says:

fucking jailbait!

king nick says:

Lol men have always valued and lusted after young women. And women have always valued and lusted older men.men are like a fine wine and women are like a car. As men we can age and become more attractive because we are more mature, we make more money, we are more experienced in life and in bed. And most of all if we are older and well established we will make better providers and fathers.women however are the opposite.all there attractiveness comes while they are younger. As they age they have a lot of emotional baggage.they become stubborn. If they are from America they become extremely masculine which is very unattractive. Every now and then a women can maintain her attractiveness and her femininity into her elderly years but it's not common

Noémi Szabó says:

17 and 19… Whatever the law says that is not inappropiate at all

Nina Cubana says:

tyga is ugly as fuck

Renz Mitra says:

I hope you all realize that the person who runs "TheTalko" is the same one who runs "TheRichest"

Emilie Delarosa says:

Tyga and kylie Jenner are still together if u watch keeping up with the kardashians

Basti ll says:

Age is just numbers.. we all gonna die and thats a fact…

karolina sadovska says:

you… changed the title???

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