What is the Design Process in Fashion Design?

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Many people don’t know how to come up with their own original designs or where to draw inspiration from. With this DVD you will learn to develop your own personal design process.


Colette Friedman says:

In response to you post here TOP…we are all born with different degrees of ability and intellectual capacity, etc…if I am not trying to hide my "talent" or minimize it..why are you? I started sketching portraits, faces when I was 5 yrs old. My sister and I are both artists. This means we not by choice, but by chance already had the ability and the unique understanding if light & dark, shadows and light, depth and perception, abstract and conceptual thinking. That means we, my sister and I, had 8 – 15 more years on you before you started your first drawing class at 19 or 20. So what do you say? Alot I say. Talent cannot be given or taught in school, only skill. Yes, talent is a gift that you do not have to acquire. Talent cannot be acquired only skill can. When it comes to talent – you either have it or you don't. Talent is innate and it is given to us without conditions or understanding. Talent enables you to do something differently than you peers with a special ability or unique understanding, without working hard for it. Yes it is a gift or a gifted person I am referring to. You just know you have it that's all. My teachers in art/fashion school liked to say that there is no such thing as talent and that you can learn to be just as good to the other less skilled students. That used to piss me off…kind of like the idea that everyone gets a trophy for their effort and not for their exceptualism.

Again, oh well… for those who are jealous and want to minimize us down to nothing and in significance. Get over yourselves. We exist. But..truth be told, it goes only so far without more development and nurturing. We still need skill to move it beyond its infancy. We have to keep it fresh and new and always evolving otherwise it can become stale and useless. Remember we cannot all be great artists, singers, writers, athletes, mathematicians, scholars, philosophers, models, businessman, politicians, etc etc.

Perhaps we are all a little of everything and alot of something, everyday everyday of our lives. That's all we can hope for.

TheOliviapreston says:

That was meant to say *pissed at people whom….

TheOliviapreston says:

That's utter BS Anais Clair- clearly u are one of these 'natural born talents' and are posse that people whom actually PAY FOR AN EDUCATION AND LEARN HOW TO WORK A DESIGN PROCESS TO CHURN OUT GREAT DESIGNS OVER A LIFETIME NOT JUST FOR A FEW COLLECTIONS UNTIL THE FAB TALENT GETS STUCK! I'm not going to stereotype and generalise like u but I do believe a person will last longer if the have both method AND some talent… Stop being so damn exclusive and catty!

landen Puddicombe says:

Who a graphic designer working in a fashion industry have the same design process from brainstorming ideas, creating a mood board presentation, sketching, than illustrate the drawing using Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop to add color etc. Than print? And my other question is: what type of garment knowledge does a graphic designer need to know?

Anais Clair says:

Many designers ARE THAT CREATIVE!!!THEY JUST COME UP WITH BRILLIANT IDEAS!!!THATS WHAT USED TO BE CALLED TALENT BEFORE METHOD REPLACED IT ALL AND CREATED A PLACE FOR THOSE WHO AT THAT TIME COULD ONLY ADMIRE.Since newborn talents keep being told 'It just doent happen that way', no surprise the true community is fading!

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