Software Inc. – Plump Corp | Part 1

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We have all the best software. Everyone says it’s great. We have hardware too and, you know what? It’s great too.
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Joseph Cecil says:

Start Building At 1:10

RemedyDoesGaming says:

It's alright I started a new one today, made a Mobile App and got 12mil straight off.

Mariosam100 says:

How do i get this game?

KampferMann says:

Halt and Catch Fire: The Game

expert gamers says:

why you need to program a case

David Reed says:

Where's the transgender bathroom you friggin pig?

Swaghetti Prime says:

funny I expected him to start with a small loan of a million pounds (I'm not from England and I apologize If I used the wrong pounds )

VoltagesOverLoaded says:

Ginger eh… :D

Marcel Westerhoff says:

I also own this game but for some reason I don't get the newest updated version. I cannot change my appearance like you can and the graphics doesn't look that good. Makes me sad..

TimedBlue says:

There's a window looking into one of the restrooms from the Marketing room XD

TheSejerDK says:

how did he make it look like that :o

Ben C says:

"A small loan of twelve, er, a million dollars. I got money to throw. Also your fired. And the interest is 300%" Donald J. Trump

BTPhila says:

Are you in the steam version?
Because in the character making menu I can only change the hair of two choices, the color of hair and pants, and no facial features

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