Top 5 Upcoming Smartphones in 2016(will change your smartphone experience) – 2

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Here is the list of most innovative upcoming smartphones in

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1. S7 & S7 Edge:
2.iPhone 6s & 6s plus:
3. Lg G5 :
4. Nexus 6P :
5. sony z5 :

#List #

1. SAMSUNG flexible phone
2. Google Project Ara
3. iphone 7 and iPhone 7 plus
5.noki f1 ( Nokia flexible band)

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Upcoming smartphones of 2016 will change your smartphone experience,
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cristi Sav says:

Nokia wtf?

TheHighStatusMillionaire says:

Actually the flexible display has been worked on by samsung since 2012, they said in 2012 and in 3-5 years they would release it, and they already had prototypes back then, but maybe they think the consumers aren't ready for it yet? Btw you can check it on youtube it was uploaded on 2012

Stewart Harvey-Wilson says:

The Nokia looked like a book mark?

Gabie says:

Iphone 7 looks like trash. And wtf nokia, someone is gonna use that shit as a dildo

John Nash says:

Googles tech is awesome …. iPhone's just ordinary ….. They gonna go extinct just like Nokia …

hwv455 says:

When will they make a mobile phone with a camera that has automatic orientation. Most videos on Youtube have a 9 * 16 aspect ratio not 16 * 9. Most smart phones of today are smart enough to do this, its the people writing the programs that don`t care

Jayson Dadivas says:

that iPhone looks like a s7

David Green says:

Shitty video made by shitty ''youtuber''. The korean guys makes himself pretty clear saying that the flexible phone is a prototype, and that it may be out in 2-3-4 or 5 years. The Iphone 7 is fake, and the Samsung 7S is also fake,its even writen at the end that is just a concept art (made by a fan). And the Nokia stick is also a concept made by a 3rd part… a really cheap one.

Solarfire says:

The first one will kill Apple dead. They must copy steal murder it with money. The swap thingy is the best.

tung pham says:

Now, I can run DroidSet Pro in my new Galaxy S7. Whoo-hoo!

Nicole Mattheyer says:

I wouldn't want the Nokia

The Siber Killer says:

ARA looks realy great :D

Sambro415 XD HD says:

The s7 and iPhone 7 don't look like that

Lily pad says:

only thing that excites me is the google project ara, and flexible phone….glad i waited on buying new phones, hopefully the ara will be good

sarthak patil says:

totally fake

sarthak patil says:

totally fake

Hugo Warwick says:

Just a couple of things: 1. Google Project Ara is still a concept. 2. The iPhone you showed us was a fake video and the iPhone 7 has been rumoured about not having a headphone jack as case is too small to fit one in and also it has been rumoured that Apple will keep to the lightening charger and not use that fake magnetic one 3. That Samsung video is also a fake (they spelt volume as "vollume" and samsung wouldn't make that kind of mistake when releasing a video onto the media) also the S7 is out now. And last but not least 5. The Nokia is a fake as there has been no news announced by the real Nokia about a new phone, if they were going to make that phone then they would have released some announcement onto the media. :)

TheDreday410 says:

Missing the "Siam 7x Dual Phone"

ChetuahGM •ω• -Ψ says:

The iPhone 6s has no headphone jack. And it spazzes out like crazy.

Rachel Young says:

Watching phones evolve is so cool.

Vishnu Teja says:

fake !! AF

No Videos Ok says:

Guys you know the Nokia one is fake? As the screen is animated because the girl isnt moving but the screen is, it also looks like a advert back in the old days

Hamburger says:


Andre Swarts says:

why is iphone 7 even on this list??

Saul Millan says:

the Nokia phone video gave me cancer

RagonMouth says:

that last one looks like a new type of pregnancy test lolz

Evelyn Delaney says:

the s7 is fake and probably iPhone 7 2

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