Mom Researches Vaccines, Discovers Vaccination Horrors and Goes Vaccine Free

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Close – When this mom was pregnant she researched vaccines and vaccination by reading a book, the Vaccine Safety Manual, and discovered the many horrors of vaccination. She learned what vaccines are, what vaccines are made of, the supposed reason for vaccination, and then the type of harm each vaccine can do to human life. She wept and cried as she read story after story from parents who have vaccine injured children. She refused the Vitamin K shot and was berated by the doctor and she refused the vaccine anyway. She figured out that the doctor just wanted her to live in fear. She then read more books and talked with more people about vaccines and vaccination and concluded that we don’t need vaccines or vaccination to have a healthy child. She also learned that children are being drugged by pharmaceutical drugs, which is not in harmony with natural living. She believes in natural living and natural health and natural immunity by keeping the body healthy through organic food, supplements and other natural methods of treatment, such as through Homeopathy. Her child is four years old and vaccine free and healthy.

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Emily Jane says:

.  Vaccines do not work and injure babies.  Vaxxing only exists to make billions of dollars for doctors and Big Pharma!

Watchman For Truth Victory Of The Light! says:

These are the greatest recovery from toxic vaccine stories ever. You do great work sharing great information LarryCook333. My nephews have been vaccinated and their guardians, grand parents including their mother, my sister are all braid dead. My younger nephew, 17 has already suffered from brain swelling and water in the brain which almost killed him. He needed an emergency operation. My in-laws, the guardians in their mid 70's, wont listen to my words of warning, it's making me nuts! Dearest God it's so frustrating to get someones attention when they've been so brainwashed with lies and misinformation.

Susan E says:

Love a smart, thinking momma.

Amari Creations says:

I am learning so much from this channel. I am in a graduate program that encourages vaccine ,honestly I wish they would at least show us both sides of the conversations for people who want to be vaccine free vs. Pro vaccine. Because of this channel and others I'm doing my own research on vaccines as well. Thank you.

OfftoShambala says:

my grand daughter is fully vaccinated … she has had very fussy colic like tendencies since birth but her mom wont not vacc… when u have a group of docs and another side of the family telling her its necessary, she's going to do it… its just unfortunate for my granddaughter who is in pain often and they won't consider that there is a highly likely possibility that pharma products are the culprit

Anti Mainstream says:

Great video! Almost exactly my story! My daugther is 16 months old and also vaccine free (they gave her vitamin K drops in the hospital after her birth though – at that point I really thought it was just that…). However, not vaccinating was one of the best decision of my life. I have a NOTICABLY healthy child, who's perfectly developed. She eats healthy food (she LOVES vegetables!), she doesn't get any sugar at all! She's very happy with her berries ;-)

talkieful1 says:

Vitamin K? I thought it was the hep b that they give the baby and NOT tell you, until after they gave the baby the shot.

rpggyr says:

You do a great job Larry and its too bad not everyone can see your soul and its goodness.

teri belyea says:

Even in the face of all evidence, some people are in denial….about the worthless use of vaccines and the damage they do

Jeanette Forlano Slaw says:

Thank you Shanna and thank you Larry for another honest and sincere testimony. God bless and take care . . .

Amanda Stevens says:

Great video as always! Her daughter is adorable and looks so healthy!

halfasheep says:

Great talk…covered topics brilliantly.

장 미라 says:

my daughter turn four month ago, she is also vaccine free. I'm not taking a chance on my sweets health either, thank you for reassuring about our choice.

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