David Stockman / Global Economy Is Headed Into A Depression

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Global Economic Collapse
Economic Decline
David Stockman Comment


k m venezia says:

The ad on this video makes me laugh. Now they want to steal school children's money too. lol

ComYxCon4LiFe says:

A coward dies a thousand deaths. A soldier dies but one. In this case, it's the bankers whom are the cowards, but the individual citizen is the soldier trying to survive. Only time will tell when the dust settles and one shall rise as the victor.

Who will it be?

Charles Wilson says:

The feds can print all the paper money in to prop up the stock market but it will not make any difference to the price of gold and silver. The latter will go ballistics. The Feds and banksters are fcuked. Time to take your cydnide pill. Make sure you assholes take out funeral insurance. Rest in hell.

kellerr13 says:

There are a lot of people that formerly worked for administrations and were actively contributing to the power of the New World Order, taking control and wealth away from the individual citizens, but are now attempting to save face and protect themselves by telling the truth.

Let me be clear. Every past President, Vice President, Cabinet member, member of congress, including those in the past, WILL stand trial for Insurrection and Rebellion against the United States of America, and for Subversion, Treason, and many other charges.

They may be found innocent, but they WILL stand trial, and their support now will not change that, including this individual giving the interview.

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