Man PROVES software stole votes in ALL ‘Hillary won’ counties

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Elliot Crown was one of a few citizens allowed to speak and used his time to point out PROOF of possible voter fraud considering ALL NYC counties hillary won were with THIS special black box…


De Satanas says:

They don't care. They have you Goyim right where they want you. Fighting each other while they pull the strings behind the curtain.

DootDoot says:

These people don't give a fuck. They are practically calling for violence.

Doug mcmullen says:

I have worked for one of the biggest election companies yes it is and I will tell you that what he's saying is very true it is an all fraud

Darcy Wood says:


Lenoh says:

0:45 "1 minute left"
1:10 "30 seconds"

Did these people use the CNN Democratic Debate "Bernie Sanders" settings on their timers?

James Sanday says:

Is he talking about die bold machines?

Stanley Jones says:

I love this so much I had to watch it like ten times!

John Harder says:

Quick this guy is proving a point so make the microphone a big deal.

ssuuppeerrbbooyy says:

"2% deviation is fraud." So Bernie should also be charged because in Oklahoma exit polls deviated 6% in his favor?

Oh wait, i actually used logic and reason, never mind me.

gantmj says:

Click bait. Nothing was proven. All he did was make accusations.

Aubrey De Bliquy says:

#ExitPollGate exposes widespread corruption in Democratic primaries across all the states. How else did you think they were going to elect this crooked wall street whore as president? Are the American people so desperate to have a woman in the white house? What about Tulsi Gabbard or Elizabeth Warren or Cynthia McKinney if you want a decent woman with integrity and intelligence? Edward Bernays and Joseph Goebbels will be proud of the con job on the American consciousness, but they never bargained on the internet. The pitch forks are coming and people want Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump. If the DNC want to do the honourable thing for America and the legacy of undemocratic super delegates they can use their votes to reflect the overwhelming will of the people and thwart this fraud.

Barrie Elaine says:

Voters did not commit fraud! This is ELECTION fraud! There is a huge difference!!!

BlazarK says:

He didn't "prove" anything. He made some fair accusations but that is all.

Pet Rock says:

Sanders is trying his best to get the nomination. The nominee will be chosen at the brokered convention. If you research brokered conventions then you will know that the underdog has a 70% of winning. Sanders has a 70% chance of winning the nomination. Most people won't bother to do the research and are waiting for the news to report before they believe anything. No delegate numbers matter anyway so anyone who thought their vote counted can forget about it. People are seeing through the illusion this year because the main stream media is letting all the sheeple know the truth. I have known this for my whole adult life because it is not so hard to research topics on the internet and check and recheck news stories. What we are seeing is millions of brain washed mind controlled people waking up to the truth. They would sleep forever if the media wanted them to. The establishment wants Hillary which means we must do everything to prevent her becoming commander and chief. The Zionists are behind all of this. Hillary will pave the ground for America to become the new greater Isreal. They own the media and movie industry. They own your mind if you let them. Unplug and wake up!

Pet Rock says:

In New York when 1% was reporting the results from the democratic race, the first report showed Sanders with a double digit lead. When it went up to 2 % it suddenly dropped to below Hillary. I could tell it was rigged. If no one does anything about this then I am never going to follow the law again. Why should citizens follow laws and be honest when our leaders are not doing the same thing? This is a huge problem. You see the leaders attacking minorities for shooting people and stealing but they are doing the exact same thing. They actually set the example for the children of the Country, so next time Hillary talks about gun crime, remember all the people she sent to their deaths by mostly gun fire. We cannot have a Country where our children grow up to be honest people with this kind of role modeling going on.

ssuuppeerrbbooyy says:

Fuck hillary, but how is this proof?

Scott McArthur says:

I've got news for you and you're not going to like it. This whole fake election is already over and the winner has already been decided. We're just going through the motions. Only one candidate has not suggested auditing the Fed and is on The Council on Foreign Relations, and she will be elected in a landslide. These two factors are key to understanding who the next President will be. The popular vote doesn't matter. None of this matters.

kimisilv says:

Mic drop!

Julius Nicholas says:

New York voters have every right to be angry.Sour grapes! This falls on deaf ears. It's not about democracy. You're just mad because you lost the game, they say.No. I'm mad because this is NOT a game. It's life or death for us. We're living on the edge and if we fight another war, it will be one of our own choosing. We'll work as soldiers fighting against Trump or whoever the establishment chooses.If there is a government that is against the will of the governed, it is our right, our duty to abolish it. Democrats, Republicans, Independents are just a subset of what we the people of this nation are. Games and procedures that have been adopted without the will and consent of the governed are not laws that we must follow. Political parties are private clubs that people like Donald Trump, The Clinton's and Adolph Hitler have manipulated for centuries. They are merely the hopes, wishes and dreams of a very small minority of people. But once the vast majority of people in a country wake up, any political system that does not respond positively to the will of the people will be swept aside.This system of corruption will perpetuate itself in perpetuity if people let it. But the youth never understand old, entrenched and ineffective policies that trap so many in or near poverty no matter how hard they work. Only liars and cheaters seem to get ahead. They are not blind to the injustice or so easily divided into warring camps. And they are coming for their government.We can do this peacefully, and only a few unjustifiably rich bankers and politicians will go to jail. Or we can try to maintain this farce a government another four years. Believe me, people HAVE had enough. Old and young, black and white; we are the 99%.

claudermiller says:


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