Minecraft- Nuclear Fission Reactor!! Voltz Atomic Science Tutorial

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Hey Guys! I have a Mod Tutorial and build for you! Nuclear reactor time! And I just created a new intro and a name!! Please leave a comment for ideas in the future! (mod packs, maps, tutorials)
-IProductions Minecraft
Technic Launcher(Mod Packs): http://www.technicpack.net/download


Matt Tate says:

Quantum battery box?! Wtf is this mod theres no such thing when i play!

Matt Tate says:

Can i just use the universal cable?

Matt Tate says:

Electric expansion? Thats not in voltz

picklemovieman says:

Oh my god how do you do this 

DuendeCraftero says:

hello, please; you upload your folder for me? your .minecraft in mediafire or adfly. whit this mods.

Денис Таран says:

you have a map?

cubicwarz1 says:

This is Joe btw

cubicwarz1 says:

That looks sick

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