How To Lose Weight While Breastfeeding a Toddler – Weight Loss Tips For Busy Moms

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How To Lose Weight While Breastfeeding a Toddler – Weight Loss Tips For Busy Moms

I am a Mom with two toddlers and I personally know how difficult it is to lose baby weight fast. As Moms, we face several obstacles to losing weight that were not present before pregnancy. Once we acknowledge these obstacles and start tackling them we can achieve fast weight loss to reach our goals.

1) Time: Time is precious. This makes meal-planning, calorie counting, exercising, etc. much more difficult.

2) Food: Our eating increased for 9 months prior to birth. This habit must be broken to lose baby weight fast.

3) Snacking: Toddlers eat several times a day. We are constantly in the kitchen preparing, serving and cleaning up food. Bad habits of snacking with the kids and munching their leftovers can develop.

4) Sleep: Studies show that good sleep aids in weight loss. Sleep is often reduced while caring for young children.

5) Stress: Bringing children into our lives is a true blessing but the adjustment can be stressful. Studies show that stress hormones have negative influences on losing weight.

Real weight loss simply comes from eating less and moving more. Lowering stress and improving sleep is beneficial to losing baby weight but are outside of the scope of this article since the causes and solutions can be quite extensive. Let’s look at time/exercise with a few words about diet.

Because a Mom’s time is in short supply, exercise is only going to happen if it moves up your priority list. Can you fit 30 minutes in your schedule anywhere?

At work, you may have options during your lunch break. Can you walk around the grounds of your work area? Is there a local YMCA? Is there a walking track nearby? Also, you may want to invite other people to exercise with you since having a partner can be motivating and more enjoyable.

Exercise opportunities for the stay-at-home Mom are based on your children’s age and sleeping schedules. Walking with the kids in the stroller is great if your kids like it and you have the right neighborhood. You can also workout to an exercise DVD during your kids nap.

My favorite place to get exercise is the YMCA. They have child sitters so my kids can play with others while I enjoy a workout followed by a peaceful shower. I always feel great afterwards. The cost for the childcare is included in the monthly dues. So, the more you use it, the more you get for your money! Check out your local YMCA.

The other important element necessary to lose baby weight fast besides moving more is eating less! Many options are available. Different methods work for different people. Some do well with slower weight loss plans while others need quick results to stay motivated. The important thing is to find a diet plan that works with your personality and your circumstances. Following a diet plan helped me break the eating habits I had developed during pregnancy and made me realize how much I was eating while snacking with my kids and eating their leftovers. This had a big impact on helping me lose baby weight fast.

Breastfeeding helped me lose a lot of the initial weight. It was after I stopped breastfeeding that I stopped losing the rest of the baby fat. If you are breastfeeding you may want to hold off on any dieting until you are done breastfeeding.

I wish you the best. You will lose baby weight fast when you become motivated and bring together the right exercise and diet that works for you.

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